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Cooking shrimp in cognac


Shrimp in brandy is simple in cooking, but it is a very tasty and spectacular dish, which you are sure to pleasantly surprise everyone.

Cooking shrimp in cognac

We will need: tiger shrimp without a head, about 50 grams of cognac, fat cream, salad mix for your taste, oil,.

Shrimp defrost and clean, remove the gut,Making a longitudinal incision on the back and while adjusting to the side. Preparing the salad. Salad leaves or ready-made salad mix from the store is filled with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

You can add a cherry tomato slice or a red bell pepper cut into straws, the red color will give a pleasant contrast. You can experiment with the dressing.

Now, when all the necessary preparationsWe can proceed directly to the frying. On a preheated frying pan with an olive oil, fry our shrimps until ready until they turn red and curd, salt and pepper.

Pour cognac into the frying pan and gently ignite it. This is done so that the alcohols are burnt, and the necessary flavor and flavor remain.

Once the cognac is burnt, we add the cream and lightly evaporate them until lightly thickened. The resulting sauce should have a slightly creamy color and a consistency of drinking yogurt.

In the middle of the plate we lay a cushion of our salad with a fluffy little pea, then we spread the shrimp and on top and top with each sauce.

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