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We prepare a rich pea soup with smoked products


It's a very tasty soup and quite hearty. Do not forget that thanks to the ingredients that are included in it, it is also useful. An excellent combination of smoked and peas gives this soup a delicious smell.

Pea soup with smoked products

You will need

  • - 300 grams of brisket (you can use bacon) -
  • - 500 g smoked ribs (you can use pork) -
  • - 250 g of pea-
  • - 2 pcs. Carrot-
  • - 7 pcs. Potatoes-
  • - 2 onion-
  • - 3-4 pcs. Bay leaf-
  • - salt-
  • - sunflower oil-
  • - pepper-
  • - greens to taste.



Take the ribs and pour water, cook them for about forty minutes. Then remove, cool and separate the meat from the bones.
Take the peas and rinse it in cold water. In the broth put the meat taken from the ribs, and peas, cook for half an hour.
Take the onion and finely chop it, grate the carrots on a grater (medium), cut the brisket.


Fry the chopped onions and grated carrots. Take another frying pan and fry the brisket on it, without adding oil. Take potatoes, peel and cut into cubes (bars), put in broth and cook for four minutes.


Then put the brisket, taste salt,Pepper, add fried onions with grated carrots. Cook until the potatoes are ready. Put the bay leaf 10 minutes before it is ready. A pan of soup should be set aside so that it sticks for fifteen minutes, remove the bay leaf and remove it. Before serving, decorate the first dish with herbs, sprinkling it abundantly.

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