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Cooking omelet in a basket


The most simple and unpretentious or long boredHouseholds dishes will look original and attractive, if you change their way of feeding to the table. It is unlikely that anyone will want to abandon the fragrant mushroom omelet served in a ruddy edible "plateau" or from an appetizing salad in a crispy basket.

Lavash basket

The whole secret of the attractiveness of the usual dishes is a delicious, nourishing "dish", which is suitable both for decorating a festive table, and giving originality to everyday breakfasts.

The omelet with mushrooms is prepared simply and quickly, but its main advantage is that this dish has an excellent taste both in hot and cold.

To prepare the omelette fresh mushrooms cut into small slices and fry them in butter with the addition of onions.

From a sheet of conventional lavash, cut out round billets with a cup, glass or any other shape. Each billet is placed in baking molds, stretching out the edges in the form of a basket.

If there were no molds at hand, then they can be replaced by cut tin cans or homemade forms made of culinary foil folded in 3-4 layers.

Fried mushrooms are placed on the bottom of baskets and filled with a mixture of eggs and milk: the norm of the products will depend on the number of portions: 12 eggs of lavash take 6 eggs and 1.5 cups of milk.

A small amount of fine is added to the mixtureChopped greens, a pinch of salt, grated cheese, after which the baskets are put in the oven and baked for 5-15 minutes. The cooking time depends on the capacity and capacity of the oven.

If the trimming of the basketLavash - do not rush to throw them away. Fried in butter with the addition of a small amount of garlic, herbs and spices, these scraps are a very tasty snack.

The same recipe for making baskets will helpGet rid of stale food in the refrigerator: slices of ham, sausages, sausages, a handful of shrimp, sliced ​​thin plates of a cutlet - all these products are great for turning into an appetizing stuffing of crispy baskets.

The filling is laid out on the pita bread, add a slice of tomato, sprinkle with herbs and grated cheese, bake in the oven until cooked.

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