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Cooking a lazy oatmeal


Lazy oatmeal porridge perfectly suits those whoMonitors his health - this is a very nutritious and healthy dish, containing a lot of protein and fiber. Such porridge can be eaten for breakfast, take with them to work or for training.


Lazy oatmeal is prepared very quickly. It is necessary to take a clean glass jar, lay oats in it, add yoghurt without additives, milk, sugar or sugar substitute, berries and fruits. The bank needs to close and shake the contents well. From the top you can put some more fruit, mixing them with cereal. The jar with flakes should be tightly closed and put into the refrigerator. Porridge, cooked in this way, can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 days. Tare can be any volume, but it is more convenient to take cans with a capacity of 0.4-0.5 liters.

Within a few hours, the oatmeal is soaked with milk and yogurt, will become soft and tasty. Consistency of porridge depends on the amount of milk added - the more milk, the more porridge.

The recipe is very flexible and allows you to create everythingNew and new variations, combining different ingredients to your liking. In the mess you can add raisins, nuts, a little honey, pieces of different fruits, jam and jam. Milk and yogurt can be defatted - the taste of cereal is not affected.

Such porridge is used in a cold form, but ifReally want to, then you can warm it up. To do this, the jar with the porridge should be placed in the microwave, heating to the desired temperature. The cover must be removed when heated.

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