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Cooking in the oven: a few tips


For a person uniquely more useful dishes,Which are cooked in the oven, because they are prepared in their own juice, with a minimal addition of oil. There are several secrets that are useful for the operation of any type of oven.

Cooking in the oven: a few tips



It is absolutely necessary to preheat the oven in advance. 10 minutes before cooking, it is recommended to warm up the gas oven and for 20 minutes - electric. In a cold oven only very fatty meat is baked.


In order that the vegetables, boiled, do not turn into cotton wool, the oven should be switched off a little earlier than they are prepared completely. Let them come in a gradually cooling oven.


When cooking in the oven, do notIt is recommended to open the door. There will be a violation of air circulation and microclimate. You can follow the process through the glass of the cabinet, turning on the backlight. Baking and baking are especially sensitive to such violations.


It is very important to observe exactly the temperature that is indicated in the recipe. At least until the cook's art will not pass from amateur to professional.


If the plate is very old and there is noThermometer, then it is easy to determine degrees with a sheet of paper. At a hundred and twenty degrees in half a minute the leaf will turn slightly yellow. About two hundred degrees for the same period of time, the paper will turn yellow-brown. At two hundred and twenty degrees the paper will ignite.


From burning, cooking products will save water and salt. On a water bath it is necessary to cook delicate products. And also in order to prevent food burned, a bottom pod disperse a kilogram of large salt.


It should be noted that at high temperatures baked puff pastry, at medium temperatures bake buns and biscuits, and at low - protein dough.

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