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How to cook in a campaign

How to cook in a campaign

If you go to a multi-day hike, you should think about the menu for each day, enough to eat tasty and varied and, at the same time, do not drag myself to extra weight.

marching soup

Products 1 serving of soup:

- Canned meat - 1/4 bankers - potatoes - 1 sht.- - carrots - 1/4 sht.- - cereal - dining lozhka- - water - 1.5 cups - spices, onions - on request

Pour into the pot the water, dip the onion and coarselysliced ​​carrots, cover and put on fire. When the boil, remove the foam, add salt, add the washed grits (Pshenko, rice, buckwheat) and move the pot in a less hot place. When the grits softened, place the sliced ​​potatoes and cook for about 10 minutes before ready to add the canned meat and spices.

hiking gruel

It requires 80 grams of cereals for porridge onserving. The amount of water depends on the cereals: for buckwheat, millet and pearl barley water requires 2.5 times more-rice - 4 times. Groats rinse and immerse in boiling salted water, and not hot pot move in the place where the porridge is a little gurgle. Occasionally stir the porridge - it is convenient to make a spoon, firmly attached to a long stick smoothly planed. When the porridge is ready, it can be mixed as desired with condensed milk and canned meat.

Hiking fritters

Sometimes in a long march can be pamperedcommand delicious pancakes for evening tea. In the flour, pour the water, condensed milk, a couple of tablespoons of sunflower oil, a little salt and stir well to make a thick batter. More is not necessary to add anything - condensed milk is a good baking powder. Fry pancakes in sunflower oil in a well-heated frying pan.

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