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How to cook cranberry-orange punch


How to cook cranberry-orange punch</a>

Agree, I want sometimes to refresh myself and try something special. On this occasion, I suggest that you prepare a cranberry-orange punch.

It is made easy, besides it will only need 5 components.

You will need

  • - cranberries - 400 g-
  • - orange - 1 kg-
  • - lime - 2 pieces-
  • - lemonade - 600 ml-
  • - sugar - 1-2 tablespoons.



Rinse the cranberries thoroughly. From the total number of berries, separate 1/4. The remaining part is transferred to a sieve, place a bowl under it and lightly crush the cranberry so that the juice is extracted from it, which then needs to be poured into a jug.


The cranberry that has remained should be placed in a separate cup, pour a small amount of water, then put it in the freezer and leave it there for 2 hours.


Limes and oranges must be washed. Set aside one of them, and cut the rest into 2 parts and squeeze juice from them using a citrus juicer.


The resulting orange-lime juice add to the jug to the juice of cranberries. Mix everything and add sugar to taste.


Those 2 fruits that have remained are cut in the formSmall lobules. Take the frozen cranberries, crush it and put it in the glass. Throw a slice of lime and orange. Pour the mixed fruit juice. Cranberry-orange punch is ready!

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