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We cook cutlets in a Viennese style


The Austrians, like the Germans, like meat fried orBaked dishes. Meat they bake with vegetables and fruits, use apples very often in the preparation of meat dishes. Viennese cutlets are made from chopped meat with an apple stuffing.

Viennese cutlets

For the preparation of cutlets in Vienna, the following ingredients will be required:

  1. Veal or pork (cutlet meat) 900 g-
  2. Potato 500 g-
  3. Eggs 2 pcs. For mincemeat-
  4. Eggs 1 pc. To fix the breading-
  5. Apples 250 g-
  6. Ground crackers 90 g-
  7. Parsley greens 30 g-
  8. Pepper black ground to taste-
  9. Vegetable oil 90 g-
  10. Butter 60 g

Peel potatoes and boil in salted water,Allow to drain and pass 2 times through a meat grinder or wipe through a sieve. From meat, remove streaks, films, bone or cartilage remains, and then pass it through a meat grinder. Prepared meat and potatoes combine with egg yolk or egg, black pepper and finely chopped parsley.

Prepared ground meat salt. Then it must be well kneaded on a slightly dampened table like a dough, so that there are no voids inside and the cutlets do not fall apart and crack during the frying. Next, divide the minced meat into separate portions.

Apples should be washed, the core removed and cut into half-cubits approximately 0.8 cm thick.

Each portion of minced meat cut in halfAnd to form flat cakes, one of them put a piece of apple and cover the second. Prepare the cutlet in a beaten egg, then - in breadcrumbs and fry until light brown crust in vegetable oil. Serve the dish hot with mashed potatoes, boiled green beans or stewed carrots. Before serving, put a piece of butter on the cutlet.

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