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How to cook biscuits for dogs with honey and dried apricots?

How to cook biscuits for dogs with honey and dried apricots?

Razuchivaya new commands with your pet in theAs the dog a reward for the correct execution of the action, you can use a special cookie that is suitable for this purpose perfectly. Biscuits for dogs of ordinary characterized in that it includes no salt or sugar.

Sweeten it with a small amount of honey, dried apricots or raisins.

You will need

  • - 1 cup muki-
  • - 200 g gerkulesa-
  • - 1 yaytso-
  • -. 1 teaspoon oil rastitelnogo-
  • - 6-8 pcs. kuragi-
  • -. 1 teaspoon meda-
  • -? yabloka-
  • - 2 buds gvozdiki-



Chop the apricots finely and leave to dry.


Prepare the dough: pestle grind buds cloves to a fine powder, add oats and continue to pound, to cloves evenly distributed.
Mix the sifted flour with oat-flakes, add egg, sunflower oil, liquid honey must obtain a stiff dough.
Grate half an apple on a grater and add to the dough.


Roll out the dough and sprinkle with finely chopped dried apricots, fold in half and thinly rolled again. Repeat this procedure until, until finely chopped dried apricots evenly distributed.


Cut dough molds using figures or cut dough squares.
Arrange the biscuits on a baking sheet, the laid parchment paper and bake in a slightly heated oven for 20-30 minutes.
It is necessary to look to the pastry is too dry, otherwise it may be too rigid and young dogs and puppies can damage teeth refreshments.

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