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How to cook beer liquor

How to cook beer liquor

From simple ingredients at home, you can cook a delicious liqueur.

For example, beer will suffice original liqueur, guests will long to guess from what you have prepared it.

Usually liqueur complete meal, serve it with coffee or tea in the liqueur wine-glasses of 25 ml.

Recipe of liquor beer №1
- 500 g piva-
- 500 ml piva-
- 0.5 liters vodki-
- 4 tbsp. coffee spoon rastvorimogo-
- A pinch of vanilla.
Pour the beer into the pan, add the sugar, coffee Stir in vanilla. Heat the mass to dissolve the sugar, pour the vodka, stir and remove from heat.
Strain the liquor through a few layers of cheesecloth, cool, pour into bottles, zakuporte tightly. Beer liquor can immediately bring to the table, but a day later he is a much tastier.
Recipe of liquor beer №2
- 500 g of sugar pudry-
- 500 ml dark piva-
- 150 ml spirta-
- The essence of chocolate.
Dissolve the powdered sugar in beer, add the chocolate essence and spirit, carefully place, strain through a few layers of cheesecloth.
Pour beer liquor bottles, zakuporte. Liquor can apply immediately, but it is better to give him a brew during the day.

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