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How to make a beer liqueur


How to make a beer liqueur</a>

From simple ingredients at home, you can prepare a delicious liqueur.

For example, from beer you will get enough original liqueur, guests will long wonder, from what you have prepared it.

Usually the liquor is finished with a meal, it is served to coffee or tea in 25 ml liqueur glasses.

Recipe for liquor from beer №1
- 500 g of beer-
- 500 ml of beer-
- 0.5 liters of vodka-
- 4 tbsp. Spoons of coffee soluble-
- a pinch of vanilla.
Pour the beer into a saucepan, add sugar, coffee, and add vanillin. Preheat the mass to dissolve the sugar, pour in the vodka, stir, remove from the plate.
Strain the liquor through a pair of layers of gauze, cool, pour into bottles, clog tightly. Beer liqueur can immediately serve on the table, but after a day it turns out much tastier.
Recipe for liquor from beer №2
- 500 g of powdered sugar-
- 500 ml of dark beer-
- 150 ml of alcohol-
- essence chocolate.
Dissolve the sugar powder in the beer, add the chocolate essence and alcohol, carefully place, strain through a couple layers of gauze.
Spill beer liqueur in bottles, clog up. Liquor can be served immediately, but it is better to let it brew for 24 hours.

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