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How to cook shish kebab on the balcony of a high-rise building


Many sometimes cover an irresistible desire to eat shish kebabs.

However, often to go to nature do not allow these or other circumstances, but because people often decide on a very risky step - to cook shish kebabs at home on the balcony.

What is fraught with cooking shish kebabs on the balcony

Burning wood products will go upFloors, creating a threat of fire. This danger is especially important if the balcony is drying clothes on the balcony or inflammable materials such as paper are stored.
With the contact of the fat and coals released from the meat, acrid smoke appears, leaving soot on the ceiling, which is also prohibited by fire safety rules.
Often trying to avoid these circumstances, peopleThey decide to fry shish kebabs on the roof of a high-rise building, completely forgetting that the roof of the roof often consists of such combustible substances as bitumen and roofing material that can ignite from just one spark.
In addition, cooking shish kebabs in the homeConditions are not to liking for medical workers, according to which, this venture may have a negative impact on human health. The main argument, cited by doctors, boils down to the fact that combustion waste emanating from coals can damage the person's airways. Opening the balcony windows, as a rule, is not enough for normal air circulation.

The preparation of a shish kebab in a confined space increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Possible ways of cooking shish kebab in a multi-storey building

If you want to cook shish kebab at homeVery strongly, then there are still safe options for how to do this. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, an electric brazier. These devices allow you to cook very tasty shish kebab in a short time and, at the same time, there are a number of important protective functions in their arsenal, among which is such an important function as switching off the brazier when it falls.
However, electric braziers in any case are notAre able to give meat the same taste that is typical of ordinary shish kebabs, saturated with a special smoke from the coals. That is why it is often necessary to taste another possible method of cooking shish kebabs on the balcony-suspension braziers, which are installed on the railing in the same way as the flower boxes, and have small convenient dimensions.

The fire in the territory of the living quarters is a gross violation of fire safety rules.

However, it should be noted that the application of dataConstructions though it is safer to use ordinary braziers, however, everything also carries a certain risk of ignition, and therefore it seems that there is still no worthwhile alternative to electric braziers.

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