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How to cook barbecue on the balcony of apartment buildings

How to cook barbecue on the balcony of apartment buildings

Many times covers an irresistible desire to eat barbecue.

Often, however, go on nature do not allow certain circumstances, but because people are often solved at a very risky step - prepare a barbecue on the balcony of the house.

What is fraught with cooking barbecue on the balcony

wood burning products will rise upfloors, creating a risk of fire. This danger is particularly useful when on the balcony drying clothes on top of or stored flammable materials, such as paper.
When contacting released from the meat and fat coals there acrid smoke, leaving soot on the ceiling, which is also prohibited by the rules of fire safety.
Often, trying to avoid these circumstances, peoplesolved barbecue on the roof of high-rise buildings, completely forgetting that the roof of the roof often consists of combustible materials like asphalt and roofing material, which can be ignited by just a spark.
In addition, cooking barbecue at homeconditions do not like, and medical workers, according to which this idea could have a negative impact on human health. The main reasons given by physicians, is to ensure that the waste coming from the burning of coal can harm the human respiratory tract. Windows open balcony, as a rule, is not enough for the normal circulation of air.

Barbecue in a closed space, increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Possible barbecue in the high-rise building

If you still want to cook barbecue housevery much, the safe options of how to do it is still there. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, an electric grill. These devices allow you to quickly cook a very delicious kebabs and, thus, in their arsenal there are a number of important protective functions, among which are such an important function as turning off the barbecue when it drops.
However, electric barbecues in any case notcan make the meat taste the same, that is peculiar to conventional shish kebabs soaked in a special smoke from coal. So often have to taste another possible method of preparing barbecue on the balcony -podvesnye braziers that are installed on the rail as well as flower boxes, and have a small convenient sizes.

Breeding of fire on the territory of the dwelling is a gross violation of fire safety rules.

However, it is worth noting that the use of datadesigns, though safer use of conventional barbecues, however, all also carries some risk of fire, but because it seems that the electric alternatives mangalam standing still is not.

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