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How to make a mask for hair lightening

Clarifying Mask for hair easy to prepare, easy to use.

With this powerful tool, you can forget about the beauty salons.

For clarification curls can use different teas, vinegars, extracts, citrus juices, oils and so on.

Clarifying Mask based on kefir
Masks based on kefir, perhaps, the most popularclarifying agent. And yogurt strengthens hair. Only a mask is necessary to take the natural yogurt. Just apply it on dry clean hair, a good wrap polyethylene head, do not forget to warm towel. You can add to the best effect in the yogurt spoon acacia honey, two tablespoons of brandy, juice of half a lemon. Keep this mask is not less than two hours, it is better to leave it for the night. Rinse with warm water kefir using shampoo.
Clarifying Mask based on honey
On the basis of honey it is also possible to prepare effectivelightening mask. Honey is able to lighten your hair for a couple of tones. Apply the liquid honey to damp hair, wrap head. Keep the mask on your head is not more than ten hours. Rinse as kefir mask.
Clarifying Mask based on mayonnaise
Heat mayonnaise to room temperature, spread over the length of the hair, leave for about three hours. Head wrap, as in the previous procedures.
This is the most popular lightening mask that will leave your hair a new shade and radiant health!

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