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How to prepare clarifying masks for hair


How to prepare clarifying masks for hair</a>

Lightening hair masks are easy to prepare, easy to use.

With such an effective tool, you can forget about beauty salons.

To brighten the curls you can use different decoctions, vinegars, infusions, citrus juices, essential oils and the like.

Clearing mask based on yogurt
Masks based on yogurt, perhaps the most popularClarifying agent. And also kefir strengthens hair. Only for a mask it is necessary to take natural kefir. Just apply it to dry clean hair, wrap your head well with polyethylene, do not forget to warm it with a towel. You can add a spoonful of acacia honey, two spoons of cognac, juice from half a lemon to the best effect. Keep this mask for at least two hours, it is better to leave it at night. Rinse kefir with warm water, using shampoo.
Lightening Honey Mask
Based on honey, you can also prepare an effectiveClarifying mask. Honey can lighten your hair for a couple of tones. Apply liquid honey to wet curls, wrap your head. Keep the mask on your head for no more than ten hours. Rinse, as well as kefir mask.
Brightening mask based on mayonnaise
Heat mayonnaise to room temperature, distribute along the length of the hair, leave for about three hours. Head wrap up, as in previous procedures.
These are the most popular clarifying masks that will give your hair a new shade and radiant health!

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