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How to cook a hand cream with marshmallow root

How to make hand cream with marshmallow root

Hand cream with marshmallow root will be able to cook at home every girl, it's great care for your hands - moisturizes and softens the skin, removing irritation and eliminating the peeling.

Necessary components:
- 0.3 cups of almonds (fresh) -
- 3 tbsp. tablespoons marshmallow root (it is necessary to pre-grind) -
- 0.5 cups of conventional water-
- 0.2 hours tablespoons of vinegar (preferably apple). -
- 6 drops of essential oil of rose or lavandy-
-. 1 teaspoon of milk or cream.
Crush marshmallow root, cover with cold water. Broth insist 24 hours and then filter the.
Unroasted beans almond peel, put in a blender. Add marshmallow root infusion, pour the cream, whisk.
After 1 hour, beat the mixture again. Add apple cider vinegar, stir again.
Add essential oil - it is not necessary, just then the cream will be a pleasant aroma.
Application of hand cream
Rub the cream into the skin of hands massaging movements. Use every day.
Your skin will become smoother and younger.

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