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How to cook a delicious barbecue? Recipes marinades

How to cook a delicious barbecue? Recipes marinades

Small steps to us to selected summer and start to the season has already been given a picnic. But what a picnic without a barbecue?

How to make delicious barbecue that all were satisfied and satiated.

The choice of meat

Do not think that this kebab is obtainedOnly pork or lamb. Meat can be absolutely anything: rabbit, chicken, beef. The main thing that it was fresh. Do not use frozen meat, because many of his qualities are lost during freezing.

The second important point is the marinade.

How to cook the marinade?

Marinade №1. To make it, take the carrots, onions,red or white wine, bay leaf, cloves and other spices. It all depends on preference. Slice the onions and carrots, pour the wine. Put it all on fire and boil. Add seasoning and cool.

Pour the marinade over the meat to receive. Ingredients for the marinade to be taken depending on the amount of meat.

Marinade №2. Meat sprinkle onions, cut into half rings. Properly all pepper and salt, then pour the yogurt. The meat should be marinated up to days.

Marinade №3. Cut the onion rings and sprinkle it over the meat. Then pour all the beer to the meat was completely covered. An hour later, the meat can be cooked.

Marinade №4. To prepare the marinade take a bow, which is cut into half rings and stacked between layers of meat. All sprinkle with pepper and salt. Each layer should be shed tomato juice. Cooking can be 3 hours.

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