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How to convert flv to avi

How to convert flv to avi

With many playback difficulties may arise videos. For example, so it is a kind of FLV format, which users often prefer to convert to DivX AVI.

What kind of program needed for this?

FLV - a format often used for storageand uploading video to the Internet. Typically, these videos are posted on the popular video hosting sites. However, not all computers have programs to play files in this format. In such cases, you can download additional media players, but you can just re-encode FLV to users more familiar format - AVI. This opportunity a few programs.

FLV to AVI Video Converter

FLV to AVI Video Converter - is a very simpleprogram with which even a novice can handle it. After its launch need to click the Browse button to choose the format of FLV file from your hard drive and click on the Start button. The utility will convert videos and save the new AVI file. Folder to save the video, the user can specify yourself.
Special additional settings are programoffers, but the main thing that is encoded FLV to AVI using a known codec Xvid, which provides similar video quality. In general, FLV to AVI Video Converter is suitable for fast work with a video downloaded from the Internet. The program is optimal for those who do not want to study the characteristics of different video formats and wants to quickly open a file that can not reproduce the standard players.

Format Factory

This is a good tool to convert FLV to AVI,having powerful tools for the job. This Format Factory can work not only with these two formats - it can handle many video and audio files. Take advantage of the program is both professional and novice user. Here you can not only convert FLV to other formats, and fine-tune the conversion settings.
Format Factory also allows you to make a video of several. There is a possibility to work with disk images. In general, this program provides a wide range of functions.

Any Video Converter Professional

This program usually download users,actively downloading video from the Internet to a variety of devices: smartphones, tablets, TV players, etc. Any Video Converter Professional has presets for video settings. The user does not have to remember what codec supports a particular device and how it has a screen resolution. All these settings are registered in the respective profiles are needed to select before converting to another format FLV (not only in AVI, but also others). You can customize the program interface for different languages, including Russian.

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