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How to control the chakra

How to control the chakra

Many people are trying to discover and feel your energy centers.

After a few months they do it.

But control of the chakras - is not easy and requires a particularly great experience, so do not rush.

If successful, the control over the chakras benefit from them will be very large.



Decide what chakra you will be in control. On the one chakra work easier. But also do not forget to devote time and energy to other centers. If you forget about this, the imbalance happens. You will be more tired, appear unwillingness to work with the energy, the feeling of physical pain, depression. Therefore, it is desirable to begin to work with an experienced instructor. It can help you avoid mistakes and harmful effects.


Meditate on chakra. Before control the energy center, it is necessary to feel and understand. This is done through meditation. Meditate on certain chakraYou want to learn how to control later. Visualize chakra a ball of a certain color in a certainplace. Muladhara is the base of the spine to be higher in the genital area - svadiskhata, in the solar plexus - Manipur, in the middle of the chest - Anahata. Vishuddha is at the throat, ajna - into the center of the forehead, the Sahasrara - the crown of the head.


Feel chakraWas working. As a result of long meditations you can feel it. This is due to the fact that you have filled it with their energy due to work on it. Now you do not have to visualize it, you will feel it. Listen to these sensations. Feel your energy center moves as it comes from energy. Once you are able to catch it, you will be monitored chakra. You will be able to control it as well as in control of your arm or leg. You can send energy from it, or in it. Aware of the feelings and the ability to respond controlled chakra, you can use it.

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