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How to maintain a snail


Snails are the most unpretentious pets</a>

Snails are almost perfect pets.

They are quiet, do not shit in the rooms, do not tear the wallpaper and do not gnaw the wires, do not cause allergies. Care of snails is very simple, and if you go on vacation, the snail will live for some time without you.

In addition, the shellfish almost never get sick and live for a long time, so keeping a snail is a pleasure.

You will need

  • Aquarium, spray, soil, snail food



Snails will require an aquarium or molluscarium. The size of the aquarium should be correlated with the size of the snails themselves, because they are large and small. At the bottom you need to pour sand or earth. In the aquarium you need to constantly maintain the humidity.

How to keep an aquatic snail


Approximately 3 times a week should be fed snails. They eat almost anything, fruits, vegetables, lettuce and cabbage leaves, herbs, cucumbers. Many snails have their favorite product, except they do not want to eat anything. Some snails like to eat newspapers. For unexplained reasons, they are addicted to printing ink, but from this snail can poison and die.

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Every 2 weeks you need to wash the aquarium and about once a month to change the ground in it. In the summer of snails you can walk on the grass, most importantly, watch out for them not to be bitten by ants.

Feeding aquarium snails


Snails are hermaphrodites. Therefore, if the aquarium is warm enough and moist, soon the snail will lay a lot of eggs, from which small snails will hatch.

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If you do not feed and water for a while Cochlea Or put the aquarium in a cool place, thenSnails fall into a coma. They decrease in size, become more than 2 times lighter due to the fact that the liquid leaves the body. It is convenient if you are going on vacation: it is enough to place Cochlea In a cool place and calmly go on the road. It's easy to wake a pet - you need to water it, put it in a warm place and give food.

Times snails in the aquarium


Snails need calcium, since it is consumedFor the construction of a shell. In pet stores you can buy calcium bars, designed for birds, for example, for parrots. For snails, such calcium is also quite suitable. One clump of mollusk will gnaw for about three months.


Snails need watering. Spray the walls of the aquarium from the spray gun and Cochlea, She will crawl and soak up the water. You can water snails at least every day, depending on the humidity of the air.

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