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HOW contain snail

Snails - the most unpretentious pets

Snails - almost ideal pets.

They are quiet, not crap in the room, do not tear the wallpaper and do not bite the wire, do not cause allergies. Care for the snails very easy, and if you go on vacation, snail while live without you.

In addition, the shellfish are almost never get sick and live a long time, so keep the snail is a pleasure.

You will need

  • aquarium, spray, soil, food for snails



For snails need an aquarium or mollyuskarium. aquarium size should be correlated with the size of the snails themselves, because they are large and small. At the bottom you need to pour sand or earth. In the aquarium, you need to constantly maintain humidity.

how to keep aquarium snail


Approximately 3 times a week should feed snails. They eat almost anything - fruits, vegetables, lettuce and cabbage, herbs, cucumbers. Many snails are their favorite product, other than that do not want to eat anything. Some snails like to eat paper. For unknown reasons, they have a passion for printing ink, but that the snail can get poisoned and die.

how to feed the wood snails


Every 2 weeks you need to wash the tank, and about once a month to change it land. In summer, the snails can be to walk on the grass, more importantly, to make sure that they are not bitten by ants.

feeding aquarium snails


Snail - hermaphrodites. Therefore, if the aquarium is quite warm and humid, soon put off a lot of snail eggs, which hatch tiny ulitochki.

how to breed snails


If not for some time to feed and water the snail or put the aquarium in a cool place, thencochlea fall into a coma. They decrease in size and become more than two times lighter due to the fact that the liquid leaves the body. This is useful if you are going on vacation is enough to put snail in a cool place and easy to go on the road. Wake pet is easy - you need to pour it in a warm place and give food.

time keeping snails in the aquarium


Snails need calcium, as it is consumedfor the construction of the shell. In pet stores you can buy calcium wedges are designed for birds, such as parrots. For snails such calcium is also quite nice. One bar clam will gnaw about three months.


Snails need to be watered. From atomizer spray the walls of the aquarium and the very snailIt will creep and absorb water. Watering snails can at least every day, depending on the humidity.

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