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How to contact with the head of the train

The head of the train is always in touch

The route of a passenger train can arise from unforeseen situations with passengers.

Solve problems passenger can only head of the train.

How can I contact the head of the train?



How to catch your train? Any stop the train at the large and small passenger stations enables a short walk, but some passengers, confident that will have time to departure of the train, go to the station building to ATMs in the nearby shops for food and often do not calculate the time, behind the train. How to be in such a situation? Do not panic, you need to find the chief of the station, and in his absence the duty station, to explain the situation and tell him your name, train number, car and place. In radio contact with the head of a train or a machinist, and lags behind the train passengers, even without identity documents, without charging additional fees, will be given a ticket to the station, where his luggage is unloaded. Extend the period of validity of the ticket before the arrival station.

Catch the train is not easy


If the disease is caught in the way. It so happens that the passenger feels unwell and needs medical care. In this case, contact the head of the train can be through a conductor, he informed the chief in person or give the sick passenger on a chain conductors. Head of trains also on radio contact with the head of the station the next station, where it will stop, and the patient meet the ambulance. If the passenger will require hospitalization, he will extend a train ticket, but no more than 10 days if for 4 hours to inform the chief of the station where the passenger got off.


On the train without a ticket. How often passengers escorted a relative or friend, and in the bustle of the passenger ticket is leaving to have remained. The train departs, the conductor collects tickets, while the passenger ticket does not. As soon as possible you need to phone to those who are the ticket and tell him to proceed. He should immediately contact to the head of the station and give him a ticket, but no longer than 3 hours after the departure of the train. Head station will contact the head of the train, which will contact the chief of the station, which will need to submit information about free and busy places in cars, and on the station passengers will have the opportunity, ticket reissued and calmly follow their route.

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