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How to contact with journalist

Contact reporter

Contact reporter is not as difficult as it may seem.

Most of the media are open policy with respect to readers, and contact phone number or email address of interest the employee can often be found in the issue of the publication.

Otherwise sufficient clue may be a phone and e-mail edition.



Some publications are placed direct their phonesemployees and their e-mail addresses directly in the print edition and website. For example, so came the Moscow newspaper "Moy Rayon", where each regional version on the page dedicated to a specific area, placed a mobile number and E-mail is responsible for its content of the reporter.
If you know what works in the departmentinterest of journalists (you might guess by category and genre of his publications), call the department (usually their phone is in the weekend edition of data, there is often possible to find the position of key employees of the newspaper or magazine).


In an extreme case, if the only available clue - contact phone edition, call this number and ask how you can communicate with that interest you journalist. With a reporter or editor of you are likely to link up with no problems. But with the editor in chief and his deputies - most in exceptional cases.
If you does not matter with whom to talk, and you want to suggest a topic for publication ozvuchte it, and redirect you to the department on a profile.


You can also write to the editorial e-mail address. If you are interested in the subject line editor, give it to the proper and journalist will contact you.
Be sure to include in the letter your contacts, and its subject in the appropriate field specify very precisely. This will increase the chances that the email is not spam filters will cut.


Publicity profession and constant work with the word has many journalists to conduct their online diaries in social networks such as LiveJournal.
Link to the blog of a prominent journalist can attend the online publications, where he works.
If you have registered, you can add interest to your journalist-blogger in the picture of friends, send them a private message. And if he is interested in your letter, it will respond.

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