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Linking winter dress

Winter dress associated with his hands, alwaysrelevant in the modern woman's wardrobe. There are many guides on knitting (both print and electronic), so pick up on their own fashion the pattern is not difficult.

Inexperienced Needlewoman should not start with too fanciful schemes.

Try the product of simple severe forms - classical thing profitable to emphasize the shape and can serve you every day in cold weather.

You will need

  • - santimetr-
  • - Yarn (cotton and wool or cotton and viscose) -
  • - Straight spokes №1-
  • - Darning needle for joints.



Start winter knit dress with the back. It is necessary to dial the specific straight spokes (odd) number of loops, depending on the desired size and density of the knitting. For example, for the fortieth the size of the model 191 is enough initial loop. Knitting in this case will be dense, thin needles №1 appropriate yarn.


Tie a rubber band around 6-7 cm in height withalternating right and wrong 1x1 loops. After that, go to the main pattern knitting. To dress was austere silhouette and elegant at the same time it was recommended to "weave" on it vertical spit. Wrong expanse between them emphasize the relief and make gum elastic thing.


Work out in the knitting pattern to accuratelykeep within a given amount of a series of loops. Example: 191 loops - 18 rezinkoy- 11 - iznanochnymi- 9 - 19 kosoy- iznanochnyh- 9 - kosoy- 11 - 37 iznanochnymi- - rezinkoy- 11 - 9 iznanochnymi- kosoy- 19 ​​iznanochnymi- kosoy- 9 11 18 iznanochnymi- gum . In total you get 4 braids. If you want to narrow down or expand parts of a cut, place the relief in their own way, however, observe the symmetry. & Nbsp-


Knit plait of nine loops as follows:

    - The first row of the pattern perform in a number of facial facial same petlyami-
    - Provyazyvayte next row purl (as well - all subsequent even-numbered rows) -
    - Set aside three loops in the third row on theauxiliary needle knitting. Further provyazyvayte facial: first and then the next three loop petli- deposited onto the auxiliary needle and, finally, the remaining three petelki-
    - In the fifth row are knitted only facial petli-
    - In the seventh - three litsevye- following three loops go to the auxiliary needle before knitting. Next, three loops are knitted litsevymi- finally performed the facial deferred petli-
    - Eighth, backing a number completes the first relief spit curl & nbsp-.


    Dovyazhite dress before the armhole (this will be at a height of 90 cm from the beginning of the work). Further it is necessary to close each side by a single loop in each row, and because 20 times.


    Adjust the start neckline (itback on the back). In this example, the neck should be vyvyazyvayut 14-15 cm after rounding armholes. Count 14 of the central hinge and then close them. Then each part of the back to finish individually, with different balls.


    Round off the cut-out dresses, provyazyvaya in each rowextreme adjacent loops together. Do subtraction in the following sequence: 1 time reduce the work on petlyu- 1 times - once for 4 petli- 1 times - at times petlyu- 1 - 3 petli- 1 time - on petlyu- 1 time on 2 sts 3 times and on the loop . The remaining loops on the spokes will plechevymi- close them. The opposite half of the neck follow the pattern in the mirror.


    Proceed to the knitting before the winter dress. Enough to take the back of the product as a model, but to make a cutout deeper. For example, close the central 17 loops at a height of 12 cm from the finished armholes. Rounding out the bottle needs to be done in each row: 1 times immediately remove the mesh-1 5 times - 1 petlyu- 1 times - 4 times petli- 1 - petlyu- 1 times - 3 times petli- 1 - petlyu- 1 time - 2 loops and 3 times loop.


    Perform one sleeve dress, the other tiesymmetrically. You can do this part separately and sew it to the main part of the product, or dial on the armhole loop. For bevel sleeves evenly subtract loop cuff the elastic vyvyazhite the same height as the bottom of the forehand and back.


    Connect the parts ready knitted dresses knitted stitch. You needed to dial the line loop cutout for low and trims perform her eraser 1x1. & Nbsp-

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