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How to contact vest for baby

How to tie vest for baby

You know how to knit a little, and your personal collection already has a couple of scarves and hats?

But you still seem unattainable height knit a sweater or a dress?

Try to link children's vest.

He fit in quickly and is not very difficult.

And how many will benefit!

Your baby will show off in a vest that is made with love for him my mother's hands! Try to relate the most simple model, but it is interesting to try to decorate it.



Tie back:
Type in the spokes 69 loops, tie a rubber band 2 cm 1 × 1. Close all the loops. Tie gum edge hook - get 69 bars with nakida. Next knit pattern under the scheme:


The pattern is based on the relief poster with nakida. They are the right and wrong. Knit them a snap. Look carefully at the picture and repeat the steps depicted on it:


Continue to knit back. At a height of 23 cm from the beginning armholes web to leave neprovyazannymi 8 loops on both sides. Next knit straight. When the back is approximately 38 cm high, close the loop.


Associate before:
Begin to knit the same way as back. At a height of 23 cm as well leave neprovyazannymi 8 loops for armholes as on the back.


Also, at a height of 23 cm start to performV-shaped neckline. To do this, leave neprovyazannoy average loop on before. Then continue to knit, subtracting from both sides of the loop in each row 12 times for one loop. At an overall height of 38 cm finished knitting.


Collect items and tie Bakey (or, in other words, edging) of the neck:
Perform one shoulder seam. Pick up all the loops on the edge of the neckline on needle, including an average neprovyazannuyu loop. Follow Bakey: knit 6 rows of rubber band 1x1. Thus provyazyvayte on both sides of the middle hinge in each personal number 2 singing along purl, purl and in each row - 2 loops along the facing.


Run the second shoulder seam. Sew Bakey neck.


Tie armhole:
Pick up all the loops on the knitting needles on the edges of each armhole. Tie a rubber band 1x1 4 rows. Close all the loops in accordance with the pattern of the web.


Follow the remaining seams. Seal the ends of the thread. Wash the product with shampoo for hair and rinse in water with the addition of citric acid. Since the product will acquire increased elasticity and softness. The stylish and comfortable vest for your baby ready! When the articles you will find this pattern:


Now you can dream up a little and come up with interesting decoration for vests. If you knit vest for girls, decorate it with one or more colors, crocheted.


Vest for a boy, you can decorate any knitted applique on the "male" subject:

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