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How to tie a vest for a baby


How to tie a vest for a baby</a>

Do you know how to knit a little, and in your personal collection already have a pair of scarves and a hat?

But you still seem to be an unattainable height to tie a sweater or a dress?

Try to tie a children's vest.

He knits quickly and is not very difficult.

And how much will bring benefits!

Your child will flaunt in a waistcoat, which with love is made for him by mother's hands! Try to connect the simplest model, but try to decorate it interestingly.



Tie the backrest:
Type on the spokes 69 loops, tie a 2 cm rubber band 1 × 1. Close all the hinges. Tie the edge of the elastic band crochet - you will get 69 posts with a crochet. Next, knit a pattern according to the scheme:


The pattern is based on relief columns with a crochet. They are facial and purl. Knitting them is not difficult. Carefully review the picture and repeat the actions shown on it:


Continue to knit the back. At an altitude of 23 cm from the beginning of the blade for the armhole, leave 8 loops on each side unrolled. Next, knit straight. When the backrest is about 38 cm high, close the hinges.


Link before:
Start knitting just like the back. At an altitude of 23 cm, also leave 8 loops unbroken for the armhole, as on the back.


Also at an altitude of 23 cm start performingV-shaped neckline. To do this, leave the unbroken middle loop on the front. Then continue to knit before, reducing on both sides of this loop in each row 12 times one loop. At a total height of 38 cm, finish knitting.


Collect the details and tie the bake (or, in another way, the fringing) of the neck:
Perform one shoulder seam. Raise all the loops along the rim of the neck opening to the spokes, including the middle uneven loop. Do the tie: tie the 6 rows with the 1x1 rubber band. In this case, tie on both sides of the middle loop in each face row, 2 sang together with the backs, and in each purl series - 2 loops together face.


Perform the second shoulder seam. Sew the neck of the neck.


Tie the armholes:
Raise all the loops on the spokes at the edges of each armhole. Tie 4 rows of elastic 1x1. Close all hinges according to the pattern.


Carry out the remaining seams. Seal the ends of the threads. Wash the product with hair shampoo and rinse in water with citric acid. So the product will gain increased elasticity and softness. A stylish and cozy waistcoat for your Baby Ready! When you make a product, this pattern helps you:


Now you can fantasize a little and come up with an interesting decoration for the vest. If you are knitting a vest for a girl, decorate it with one or more flowers crocheted.


A waistcoat for a boy can be decorated with any knitted applique on a "man's" theme:

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