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Hats, crochet, are one of the most exclusive accessories.

Their advantage lies in the fact that the cap can be connected at the right head size, a personal wardrobe, and just a very nice thing to wear, related specifically to you.

You will need

  • Threads
  • Hook
  • Specialized magazines



The difference between men's knitted hats by womenIt is the lack of openwork patterns. Therefore, choosing a pattern for hats, consider this. The most commonly used flat knitting bars without nakida or one nakida. If you want to associate a stylish hat with a pattern, the scheme can be found in specialized magazines, silt willow Internet.


After selecting decide the thickness and patternthe texture of the skin. The thicker threads are, the warmer it will cap, and vice versa. A hook is selected according to this principle: the thickness of the hook must be twice the thickness of the yarn. In this case it will be observed the best match, and the binding is tight enough.


hat crochet it is best to knit in a circle. Root chains closed in a ring, then knit caps bottom of a conventional columns in a circle, periodically adding columns. It is best to try on a hat as the addition of knitting.


After the bottom of a cap to be connected (thisabout 15 cm in diameter), you can begin to gradually diminish bars to cap took a round shape. Ubavki best done through the same number of loops, but not in the same places. Then the cap will look smoother and more accurate.

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