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How to contact children handbag hook

How to link children's handbag hook

Who else loves all sorts of decorations, except for women?

Of course, this little fashionista. Make the child is very beautiful and easy-to-design handbag.

It can bind absolutely any beginner.

SS - connecting stolbik-
RLS - bar without nakida-
CCH - a column with nakidom-
ce - air loop.
Thus, the hook number 5, you need to dial 51 air loop.
Once you typed the necessary amount ofloops should knit a column without nakida second loop on the hook, that is 50. So knit to end of row, that is, in each loop for RLS. Then we form a circle. I think everyone knows how to end the series, but still remind: provyazyvaem first and last loop column without nakida. All of the following series, respectively, are knitted in a circle.
Then begin to knit the item from whichIt will be the future handbag. This element is called a "shell". It is done very simply: 3 CCH provyazyvayutsya in the same loop or gap. The initial "shell" will always be different from the next so that it is first necessary to gain 3 CP and only then knit CCH. They will not 3 and 2, since the air act as hinges CCH.
So knit initial "shell", then skip2 loops and again provyazyvaem our basic element. Do not forget that from the beginning of a number of elements in provyazyvaetsya SS. It should be done before the end of the series. Always remember about the connecting bar at the end of each row. As a result, you should have 17 "shells."
2 series should be knit as follows: moved with the SS on the "shell" before the start of the interval between the first two elements. Then, accordingly, start knit "shell." Not only has the loops and into the space between the elements. It was not until the end of the series. All subsequent rows to 8 inclusive should knit that way, that is, as 2.
9 and 10 rows of the same: do 1 ce, then provyazyvaem to the end of the row sc. There should be 50.
11 Range: 1 make ce, Then knit 5 sc, recruit 15 stitches, skip 15 sc, then provyazyvaem 10 sc. Again we collect 15 ce, missing 15 of RLS and the remaining knit 5 sc. That is, in this way we form the handle for future handbags.
12-14 rows: 1 recruit ce provyazyvem and all the other loops up to the end of a number of RLS.
Finish the job. It remains only to sew the bottom of the bag a secret invisible seams and hide the ends of the thread. We decorate our product to your liking.
As you can see, this model handbags is very simple and accessible. Treat your child.

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