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How to tie a lamb


How to tie a lamb</a>

Decorate your house with charming toys, connected with your own hands. Such cute little things will give comfort, they will give warmth, they will please the children.

Tie a charming sheep, let this toy become an element of the interior.

You will need

  • - Wool yarn of white color - 200 gr (100gr / 187m) -
  • - needles №3-
  • - Sintepon.



Begin to knit a product from the trunk, there must be two parts. Dial 40 pt with a white thread, knit five rows with an elastic band 1 * 1. The next row is tied with facial loops.


In the seventh row, start tying long loops. To do this, tie one loop of the front, loop the next loop as a long one - wind the thread around the thumb of the left hand, it should be before work. Then tie a loop from the left knitting needle, transfer it to the right knitting needle, remove from a finger a long loop. In this way, run to the end of the row.


Then, from the 8th to the 13th rows, knit with long loops. In the 14th row, knit 2 together face, then all facial, on the spokes should remain 38 loops. 15 row and all subsequent odd numbers knit as a 7 row.


Next, perform a reduction, from the 16th row,The first two loops together, the rest are facial, 32 loops should remain on the spokes. In the 22nd row, loops are subtracted as follows: two persons together, 8 persons, 2 n. Together, 8 persons, 2 n. Together, the total should remain 28 loops. In 24 rows 2 n. Together, 6 n. Persons, 2 n. Persons, there will be 24 n. On the spokes. In the 26th row, sew 2 sts together, then 4 sts faces, 2 n. Together (20 p). In the 28th row, alternate decreases - 2 together, 2 n. Persons, 2 together (16 n). The last row (30th) is to loosen the loops in a row, 2 sts to the end of the row, and close the remaining loops. The second link the same.


Continue knitting, make the head parts, theirShould be two. Type 6 spokes on spokes, in the first row add one more to each loop, you should get 12 loops. Knit all the even rows with the wrong loops, and the odd ones with the front loops.


Continue the addition, it should be 24 p. In the fifth row, add one loop from the broach at the beginning of the row and at the end of the row, the other loops tie the front loops (26 sts). Next, tie all the loops as facial. Then, from the 15th row of the loop, lower, sew 1 st of the front, the next two loops together, the rest - the front and the last two loops together (24p.) Next, all the odd rows (from 17 to 25) knit as a 15th row. In the 26th row, tie a stitch with one side, the next two stitches together with the wrong side, alternate these turns, close the hinges in the next row.


Continue to knit, now you need to make ears,These details are two. Type 4 spokes on the spokes. Begin to knit with hinges, all the odd numbers are also tied with facial loops. Even numbers (2, 4 and 6) knit, performing additions, alternate 1 facial, 1 facial from the broach.


In the 8th row, add loops as follows: 4 sts faces, 2 loops from the broach, 4 sts faces. In the 10th row there are 5 persons, 2 persons. Add from the broach, 5 p. Persons.


Then start decreasing: 12 rows - 5 pts of faces, 2 p. Persons. Together, 5 persons. The 14th row consists of 4 persons, 2 persons. Together, 4 p. Persons. 16 series - 2 points together, 6 persons, 2 persons. together. 18 row - 2 p. Persons. Together, 4 persons, 2 persons. together. 20th series - 2 p. Persons. Together, 2 persons, 2 persons. together. In the next row, close the hinges.


Tie the front paws, there must be two parts. Knit with knitting needles, dial 10 p. The first row is facial. In the second row, the loops are purl, make additions - 1 loop from the broach at the beginning of the row, another loop from the broach at the end of the row. The same additions are done in the fourth row, knit the front face 7 cm, then straight. In the last rows, reduce 2p * 4 loops.


Knit hind legs - two parts. Type on the needles 10 p. The first row is tied with the front, in the subsequent purl rows, add 3 p * 4n (22 p). Continue to work with the front surface, crochet straight. Join the two pieces together, complete the knitting by closing the hinges one by one.


Perform the assembly. Sew all parts of the parts separately (head, trunk, legs), leave small holes. Fill the details with a sintepon, sew to the trunk of the foot and head.

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