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How to contact pad of knitted strips

Linking mat knitted strips

I'm sure almost everyone has old unwanted things that will soon be disposed of.

If you have knitted T-shirts, it's best to link them from the mat, you send in the trash.

So, before you start knitting a rug,you must first prepare the working material, in our case - a knitted stripes. Take an old T-shirt and cut them into strips, the thickness of which must be leveled 1-1.5 centimeters. Then pull them over the edge. So they are rounded, and with them will be much easier to work. It remains obrazovashuyusya thread to connect together and pull up into a ball.

For crochet rug, we need a couple of balls knitted stripes of different colors and a hook number 15.


CCH - a column with nakida,

ce - air loop.

Getting to your knitting. Recruit 5 stitches and closes them to the ring.

1 number: in the resulting ring of air loops provyazyvaem 10 CLOs. Do not forget that each number should end connecting column.

2 series: increasing the total number of loops exactly twice, ie in each loop of the previous row provyazyvaem 2 CCH. As a result, should get 20 CLOs.

3 series: This series of knit the same way the previous Single - turns 40 CLOs.

4 number: Now attach our product delicacy. Provyazyvaem CCH, then 2 ce, and then re-PRS, but not in the next loop, and through one. So provyazyvaem until the end of the series.

Row 5: provyazyvaem CCH entire series. In the arch of the air loop must be 2 CCH, in any case, do not forget about it.

6 series: at this stage, work should start knitting yarn of a different color. First strand anchoring and the other begin to knit CCH.

7 series: This number is necessary to repeat the same delicacy that is present in the 4 series.

8 series: knit this series as well as 5, that is, in the CCH 1 loop, 2 CCH in the arch of the air loop.

Row 9: We tie the first thread and knit a number of CLOs.

10 series: We reiterate 4 series.

11 series: provyazyvaem as well as a number of five. So alternate knitting up to 16 series inclusive.

17 series: in the first loop of a number of CLOs vyvyazyvayut 6, thenWe repeat the same in each loop 6 series. Thus obtained original teeth. At the end of the anchoring knitting yarn. The mat of knitted strips ready!

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