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How to tie a rug from knitted strips


How to tie a rug from knitted strips</a>

Surely, almost every person has old unnecessary things that are soon to be recycled.

If you have knitted T-shirts, then it is better to tie a rug out of them than to send them to the trash can.

So, before you start knitting a rug,You must first prepare the working material, in our case - it's knitted strips. We take old T-shirts and cut them into strips, the thickness of which should be 1-1.5 centimeters. Then pull them by the edges. So they will be rounded off, and with them it will be much more convenient to work. It remains to connect the resulting thread and roll into a tangle.

To knit a rug we need a pair of balls of knitted strips of different colors and a hook number 15.


SSN - a column with a crochet,

Gt; - air loop.

Let's start knitting. We type 5 air loops and close them to the ring.

1 row: In the received ring from the air loops we sew 10 SSN. Do not forget that each series should end with a connecting post.

2 row: We increase the total number of loops by exactly two times, that is, in each loop of the previous row we sew 2 SSNs. As a result, you should get 20 CLOs.

3 row: This series is knitted in exactly the same way as the previous one - 40 SCNs are obtained.

4 row: Now we give our product an openwork. We send a CCN, then 2 bp, after which the CCH is again, but not in the next loop, but after one. So we tie it to the end of the row.

5 row: We are tying the whole series. In the arch of the air loops should be 2 CLS, in any case do not forget about it.

6 row: At this stage of work, you should start to knit a thread of a different color. The first thread is fixed, and the second we begin to knit the CLS.

7 row: In this series it is necessary to repeat the same openwork that is present in the 4th row.

8 row: We knit this row in the same way as 5, i.e. 1 CCN in the loop, 2 SSNs into the arch from the air loops.

9th row: Tie the first thread and knit a series of CLS.

10 row: Repeat the 4th row.

11th row: We sew in the same way as the 5th row. So we alternate knitting up to 16 rows inclusive.

17 row: In the first loop of the row, we cut out 6 CCN, thenRepeat the same in each 6 loop of the row. Thus, the original teeth are obtained. At the end of the knitting we fix the thread. Rug from knitted strips is ready!

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