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How to tie a necklace-pigtail

It turns out that needlewoman knit not only clothes, but also create beautiful crocheted ornaments.

I suggest you the necklace-pigtail. It is done simply, and moreover, it is a very good way to use the remnants of yarn.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - Remnants pryazhi-
  • - spitsy-
  • - kryuchok-
  • - Button.



So first we need to link the two parts ofwhich in the future we will make a necklace-pigtail. To do this, we collect on the needle 8 loops. Now you need to knit the front embroidery 9 series, and together with with edge. They do not need to take in our article.
10 series: provyazyvaem 4 loops facial, then make nakida, 5 and 6 of the loop knit together with a slope to the left. The last two loops knit like the first four, ie facial. Then, the front surface of starts again. She knit 9 rows and 10 do exactly the same as the first time, that is, all further steps are repeated. Such repetitions should be 16. After having done the first part, begin to knit the second in the same way.


Knitting on this end. Getting to the manufacture of jewelry. Stretched across the front page of a second, and then vice versa. So alternate until the end of the necklace.


After weaving over, you need to sewthe ends of the knitted strips and steam the product. Then sew the button on one side, and on the other knit with a hook loop. So we turned the clasp. Necklace-pigtail ready! By the way, it can also be used as a bracelet and wear the wrong side. Here is a versatile decoration!

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