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Eraser - one of the most simple and universal patterns for knitting.

The cuffs, socks, hats, mittens and sweaters even completely - all this can be related to a rubber band.

You will need

  • - Threads, of which you are going to knit
  • - Spokes, podhodyaschte thickness for the THREAD



Check that the spokes approach youYou are going to knit for Width for the thread from which you want to associate gum. For this fold the thread in half and twist. The thickness of the double twisted yarn should be approximately equal to the thickness of the spokes.


Tie the sample to calculate the requiredthe number of loops for the gum. To do this, type 40 loops and knit 40 rows. Measure the resulting box. Now you know how many centimeters gum obtained from 40 loops.


Type in the spokes of the right (even) numberloops. If you want to link to a web of rubber bands, loops, dial 2 spokes. If you want to knit a sock, mitten or hat dial on circular needles.


To get the gum, it is necessary to alternatefacial and purl loops. It is possible to rotate them through one, two, or three loops through. Tie a sheet or range of the desired length and then close all the loops, observing the facial and purl.

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