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How to tie a children's tank top


How to tie a children's tank top</a>

One of the most scrupulous questions for momsIs: "How to dress your child so that he does not freeze, and at the same time, he does not become hot?" The solution to this question may be hidden in a simple, old, but not old-fashioned piece of clothing - a sleeveless jacket or vest.

It allows you to move freely, without restraining impatience, like a robot, and also protects the breast and back of the baby from the breeze and coolness.

You will need

  • - stocking knitting needles № 3,5
  • - circular knitting needles No. 3.5
  • - thread: 150 g (if the baby is 5-6 years old)



Before the work is done, it is necessary to doPattern. If the child is 5-6 years old, you can use the attached pattern (see the picture). If some sizes do not fit, they are easy to change by their standards.

Potential Pattern


Further it is important to decide on the design of the future vest. If the work is done for the first time, the best drawing is striped, they can be different, but very beautiful.

How to link children's & lt-strong & gt-sleeveless jackets & lt- / strong & gt-


Dial 86 loops, tie a 2 cm elastic band (one facial - one purl) and continue with the facial smoothness.
At a height of 16 cm = after 42 rows from the beginning of knitting, close the front face to form the armhole 1 time 4 loops, 2 times 2 loops on both sides in each second row = 64 loops.
At a height of 30 cm from the start of work (after 84 rows of facial smoothness), close the middle 20 loops for the neck cut and then on both sides of them 1 time 3 loops and once 2 loops in each second row.
At the height of 32 cm (after 90 rows of facial smoothness) from the beginning of work, close the remaining 17 loops of each shoulder bevel.


Knit like a back. At an altitude of 18 cm (after 48 rows of the facial surface from the beginning of the work, leave 2 middle loops open to form a V-shaped notch and then knit the both parts separately.) At the same time, re-dial along the edge of the neck opening in the first row with 1 edge loop on both sides. forming bevel subtract 11 times for one loop every second and 4 times in every one row. to this knit the right side up to 4 loops from the end of the series, then 2 facial loops together. on the left side of the knit edge loops and 1 stay loop knit 1 front and pull through it with yatuyu loop. At a height of 32 cm from the start of operation to close the remaining loop 17 of each of the bevel shoulder.


Carry out shoulder seams. At the edge of each armhole, dial approximately 82 loops, tie 2,5 cm elastic band 2 * 2. Carry out side seams. Dial circular knitting needles around the edge of the neck opening of approximately 94 loops. Put into operation 2 left unclosed transfer hinges. Simultaneously, in the middle, two middle loops should be tied and in each of the 2 circular rows one of these loops should be tied together with the previous face loop and a loop pulled through it. At a height of 2.5 cm, close all the loops according to the drawing.

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