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How to contact children plaid

Children's rug can tie a rubber band of a double yarn residues

Cozy and warm blanket will surely enjoy your baby.

It can be connected from the wool of the color that is most fond of your child and decorate embroidery. And you can vyvyazat different funny little animals directly on the canvas.

They are close to the child when he goes to bed.

And if your fidget does not like to sleep in the crib, you can cover it with a blanket so straight in his chair.

You do not have time to look and how your little bully prigreetsya and slumber.

You will need

  • - Cotton worsted or soft coat of the same thickness - from 500 to 1000 g, depending on whether you are single or double knit polotno-
  • - Spokes №2-
  • - Hook №2.



Measure the crib. Plaid is approximately equal to the size of the usual children's blankets, which can and hide the baby and fill the crib. Type in the spokes of 20 loops and make the payment in garter stitch or double gum. Single plaid easier to knit garter stitch, embroidery on it and it looks good. For double plaidand it is better to choose a double elastic band, it was not necessary to sew it later.


Type in the spokes of the required number of loops. For double gum in it has to be two times greater than normal. Greater accuracy in this case is not needed. The main thing that plaid It has not turned out too small. Garter fit only the front rows. Dual elastic is knitted as follows: knit the first row after dialing the usual eraser. Starting from the second row, provyazyvayte front loop over the front, and remove the wrong, leaving the thread to the needle so that in the end she gets inside the product.


Bind plaid direct web. To this must be viscous enough level. If you double-knit elastic band and want vyvyazat pattern on one side of the web, at the beginning of a new drawing fasten thread. Provyazyvayte pattern on the front side only. At the same time the main thread is laid within the web. In order for it is not contracted by the product can be in several places her fix. When you knit a back row, just proceed with the thread, which vyvyazyvayut drawing.


Dovyazhite plaid until the end and then close the loop. on a single plaide embroider pattern. Threads that you sew, it does not tie knots, and hide under the embroidery in the same way as is done with embroidery on the fabric.


Fringe on children plaide do, you probably should not. But it is possible to tie. Take the thread of the same color or contrast - such as those that you vyvyazyvayut or embroidered pattern. tie plaid crochet around the perimeter, provyazyvaya each loop start or end rows of columns with 1 nakida, and in each chain of sides - 2 column with nakida.

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