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How to contact cap Pinocchio

How to tie a cap Pinocchio

Funny and colorful hat like a favorite folktale hero, hardly indifferent to the child, and many adults.

Give your child of joy, Bind him comfortable and beautiful cap Pinocchio.

You will need

  • - 100 g pryazhi-
  • - Hosiery knitting needles.



For crochet beanie Pinocchio take a soft woolen yarn, for example, or a blend of merino wool and acrylic bright colors. But do not use mohair, if you are going to knit hat for a child.


Measure the circumference of your head. Tie a sample size of about 10x10 centimeters and calculate the number of loops in one centimeter. To do this, measure the width and count the number of loops in the sample. Then divide that number by the sample width yardstick. So you know how many loops in one centimeter. Now multiply yardstick his head in the number of loops in one centimeter.


Dial the required number of loops in twospokes. Next knit elastic band 1x1 (one front and one Wrong), at the same time distributing them to the four spokes. Close the knitting in a circle, and continue to knit in pattern of about eight centimeters. Then knit facial embroidery around. Bind about fifteen centimeters from the beginning of knitting straight, not subtracting.


Then uniformly turn down one by one on each loop a spoke in a checkerboard pattern in every other row. When the spokes will be eight - ten loops, close them and pull the thread.


Decorate hat pompom or brush. To make a pom-pom, make a template out of cardboard. Cut a circle the diameter of the desired size pom-pom, center cut another circle of smaller diameter. Tightly wrap the thread template. Cut the thread at the edge of the template, a little slide the cardboard and tie firmly in the middle of the yarn. Remove the template parts. Fan the thread and trim protruding threads. Sew the pompom to the cap.


To make the brush, cut out of cardboardrectangle. Length is equal to the desired size of the brush. Wind the yarn on the pattern of turns than do the more the more elaborate will brush. Carefully remove the template and tie one side of the brush. The other side of the cut. Fan Brush and trim protruding threads. Now sew it to the cap.

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