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How to tie beautiful sweaters


Elegant openwork shirt with your own hands</a>

Openwork summer sweaters will always attract attention.

In summer, these sweaters will be relevant, since theyAre made of natural materials and represent, on the one hand, a very elegant work of art, and on the other hand - comfortable practical clothing.

You will need

  • Cotton thread knitting (not less than 5 different25 g), white knitting thread (must be thinner than colored thread), hook size "1", scissors, patterns according to your size: "front", "back", "sleeves" (can be made on fabric, can be used Wallpaper), a thick needle, sewing pins for fixing clothing items.



An openwork blouse can be knit by joining,Crocheted elements (flowers, leaves, stems and other figures). Thanks to such a loose connection, there are gaps between the elements, which create the effect of delicate clothing. This type of knitting is called Irish knitting. To do this, the elements of the colored thread are crocheted. Variants of figures can be a lot and depends on your imagination. The simplest type of figures are circles and flowers. They are not required to change the direction of the knitting stroke - just knit the loops in a circle to the desired size of the element's diameter.

Untying of elements


Bundling several of theseIdentical in size elements, they can be joined. For a neat and even connection, the elements are laid out on the finished patterns on the wrong side. Having formed a certain motive from the elements, they are fastened in such a shape with pins on the pattern itself. They are connected with each other by simple colored threads, by sewing them to each other with a needle.

Connection of elements on a pattern


Enlightenments between elements can be filledIrregular grid, bound from white threads of a finer size than colored ones. To do this, you must impose air loops in a chaotic order by crocheting between the elements, grabbing the edge of the element. Thus, you can fill the large voids and create an effect of azhur.
After all the elements are joined with threads and a grid, all parts of the pattern are joined. You can connect them either with a needle or thread, or connect the edges of two parts (for example, sleeves and backs) with a crochet.
Instead of buttons it is convenient to use the connected ropes from two sides "transfer".

Knitting irregular mesh

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