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How to contact beautiful slippers

How to tie a beautiful slippers

Even in everyday life a woman should look attractive.

Home clothes and shoes - it's not just the things comfortable, but also those in which you constantly see your loved ones.

Surprise your family with beautiful knitted slippers.

You will need

  • - Thread 2 colors-
  • - Hook.



Simple but elegant slippers can crochet. Start with the sole. Type in a chain of 23 aerial loops + 1 loop for lifting.


Now tied with the resulting chain on both sides of the bars with one nakida for rounding provyazyvaya in extreme hinges on 6 columns with nakida.


To highlight the toe and heel, 17 loops knit columns with nakida, 6 - columns without nakida.


From the first column without nakida where begins the heel, type 3 air loop for lifting. Now tie heel slippers columns with one nakida: a loop in the loop. Dovyazhite number until the end.


Change the thread color. Again begin to fasten the heel columns with one nakida. For the curvature of the toe in the middle of the loop knit 2 together. Complete series.


In the following, a number 7 again and change the color of yarn, knit a column with one nakida. Make the heel decrease, knit the two loops together.


Bind 8 is similar to the sixth number - adjust the thread on the toe knit the two loops together. The product begins to take the form of slippers.


The last row knit the other thread column without nakida. 3 Turn down the loop on the toe and on the heel 1. Quit.


Now move on to decorating slippers. This is best suited knitted items, such as flowers. Of those threads that you knitted product, do some simple flowers.
Tie a chain of 5 stitches. Close to its ring. Tie it as follows: 1, do not nakida column, followed by 2 column with one nakida, 1 column with two nakida, 2 column with one nakida, a column without nakida, polustolbik. I get one petal. In the same way tie two more petals. Make 3 flowers.


Tie midway flower. Cut about 10 cm of thread of a different color. Back down to 2 cm from the end, dial a chain of 3-4 air loops, tie them polustolbikom.


Insert the stamens in the flowers ready. Attach them to the slippers. On the wrong side of the tie loose ends of the thread seredinok. With the help of a needle and thread to attach the flower petals slippers.

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