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In the offseason, the street is still not cold and the sun is shining - you can walk a little longer. Usually at this time still warm hat to nothing, and those that look like hats, and then strive to fall off.

Cap-cap reliably protect from the wind, and the canopy will save from the sun.

You will need

  • - Wool yarn - 200 r
  • - The spokes of number 2.



So start knitting with the top of the cap -dial on the spokes 100 loops. Knit a number of facial loops - it will be the front side cap in backstitches rows knit purl loops. Thus, you should get the front surface of 11 cm.


Continue knitting on, turn down the loop. In the purl row need to subtract 10 stitches - distribute them evenly (every 10 loops). Continue knitting the front embroidery has 4 rows. Perform subtraction in purl row a total of 10 loops. Continue to knit five rows in the next purl row, turn down the 10 loops. On the spokes must remain 70 loops. Continue to work until the length of the parts does not reach 18 cm. Base caps gotova- stitch detail. The seam should turn from the wrong side.


Next knit "ears" - start from the left ear. On the edge of the cap on the dial needles 18 loops. Turn the base so that the seam is inside the product. Knit facial loops of the first row, the next row - purl. Continuing knitting close on one loop at the beginning of the series and at the end of the series. Next, subtract the loop with only one side of the part. Total knit six rows of the front satin stitch. On the spokes must remain 10 stitches.


Then, go to the two loops decrease. Follow them twice and backstitches and facial ranks. On the spokes must remain 3 loops - are knit straps. Follow her garter. straps length should be approximately 20-25 cm.

The right ear is the same, only symmetrical.


Continuing knitting, follow visor. Bind it with a double - so he will not crumple and bend. Thus, the first half - the upper edge of the cap (where there is no seam) dial on the spokes of 29 loops, knit the first row of facial loops. Further, the number of close one purl loop in the beginning of the row, the second end of the loop in series. Continue to knit, subtracting the loop while the spokes will not remain 21 loop. Then continue to diminish as follows: close one side of a number of once with 2 loops and again three loops. Repeat a similar decrease on the other row. The remaining loops close.


The second half - dial on the spokes of 29 loops onthe base of the first half. Knit the first row of facial loops. Then continue to perform subtraction, as in the first part of the visor to happen symmetrically. Try to make the two parts so that the seam was not very visible.


Decorate hat pamponom. To do this, cut a circle out of cardboard, cut a hole in the circle. Wrap the circle of thread in multiple layers. Thread the inside, attach pompom. Wrapped thread cut, remove the cardboard. Weave lace, tie pompom to the cap.

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