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How to contact baktus

Linking baktus

Baktus - elegant triangular scarf. This stylish accessory warm, equally loved by men and women, and children.

Assign simple baktus under force even novice craftswomen.

You will need

  • - 100 grams of warm soft yarn thickness of 200 meters in 50 g
  • - Spokes number 3 or 3.5
  • - hook
  • - scissors



Baktus knit acute angle from one anothergarter stitch. In the first half of the knitting loops are added in the second half - diminished. If you have one skein of yarn weighing 100 grams, rewind it into 2 identical coil. This must be done in order to know exactly when it's time to start subtraction.


Type in the spokes of 4 loops and knit in garter stitch, adding in every fourth row 1 st. Make sure that all the allowances have been on one side.


Having spent a tangle, and connect the other knit, subtracting similarly in every fourth row, one loop.


When the spokes will be 4 loops, close them and tuck thread. Baktus ready.

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