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Constructivism style in the interior

Constructivism style in the interior

USSR - the twenties of the last century. The new country creates new standards when it was born, and constructivism.

A rigorous and concise, extremely functional and without its share of excesses - all about the style of constructivism.



This style eliminates the decoration and romance,beautiful only what is practical. Rooms not necessary to divide the partitions, it is better to divide them only functionally. The space does not contaminate the abundance of furniture, leaving a maximum of space and air.


When decorating the room stucco rule, select the geometry. Fit geometric shapes in the architecture of the room itself, and in its furniture and accessories.


The colors for this style we choose is clean and bright. Characteristic are white, black, blue and red, accent, you can make and others. Paint most of the walls in white, and decorate a strict geometric pattern, and constructivism is provided to you. To finish the floor using tile flooring solid color, self-leveling floors. In constructivism welcome materials such as glass, metal, concrete, there may be a tree.


To create a more complex and interestingspace use backlight, built-in design niche. Furniture choose a simple geometric forms, and to diversify its appearance can with the help of colors and textures. When decorating the windows, do not use pretentious pelmets better blinds or curtains plain concise. You can leave a window without curtains at all, especially if it's a window in the floor with a beautiful view.


As accessories suitable Cubist paintings,the avant-garde. On the floor, or a short-nap cloth throw rugs with geometric patterns. Place the pots-parallelepipeds with plants or vases Cubes with flower arrangements.

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