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CONSTRUCTION of partitions from gravel slabs


Pile-grate plate</a>

The pile-up stove is aA gypsum structure having the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with grooves and ridges along the docking and supporting surfaces. Plates have a smooth surface, which, combined with an imperceptible joint, minimizes finishing finishing work.

Pazogrebnevy block is indispensable for the construction of interior partitions, which allows you to significantly save materials.

From pazogrebnevyh plates it is possible to erect notSingle partitions 80 mm thick, but also double, air gap between which should be 40 mm. The thickness of the plate itself is only 8 cm, so the partition from it does not take up much space.

Advantages of using slabs

The use of gypsum board with pile-and-groove connection in the construction of partitions has many advantages, among which there are:
- easy installation with glue-
- absence of wet processes-
- the partition does not need to be processed before gluing wallpaper-
- The plates can be cut, planed, milled, which greatly facilitates the laying of electrical wiring in them-
- High saving of the useful area of ​​the room.

Using a pile-and-mortar slab in construction, one master without someone's help in one working day is able to erect about 30 m2 of interior partitions.

The erection of an internal partition of & nbsp-slabs

Before you get started, producePartition layout. In order to improve the sound insulation in the places of abutment of the parasol block to the floor, walls and ceiling, lay a gasket made of cork chips. This will allow you to make the abutment more elastic.
Connect the junction unit to the solution or by means of a metal zinc-coated strip fixed with a screw. Fix the plates with putty or glue.

Laying plates should be made grooves to the top, and to increase the strength of the structure in them you need to lay a two-millimeter wire.

Each installed pile-and-block unit must be taped with a hammer on the side and from above to achieve a better fit and a more dense junction to the wall or the previous slab.
Surplus glue or putty, which can later be used for the next plate, remove with a spatula. You need to spread both horizontal and vertical stitches.
Each successive row for the provision of dressingsIt will be necessary to shift relative to each other. In the course of work, do not forget to check the verticality of the partition using a construction level or a plumb line.
If you plan to build a partition heightMore than three meters and a length of more than six, it is necessary to take care of the reinforcement of the structure in advance. To do this, you can use concrete or other strong material.

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