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Construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber "turnkey"

Construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber turnkey

New building technologies allow to build homes from environmentally friendly natural materials, subjected to special treatment.

As a result of reduced construction time and reduced cost.

Such materials include laminated board, which shall be the house of the customer "turnkey" - come in and live!

What glulam

This is a unique building material formanufacturing which used wooden boards, not just the board, and from coniferous trees, grown in the northern forests and felled in the winter time. This tree differs high quality and resistance to external influences. This is due to the fact that in the northern parts of the trees grow more slowly and their wood is much denser than their counterparts grown in warmer areas. And the fact that the tree cut down in winter, when the sap flow and there is no wood is wet from rain, allows to obtain a material that later, when dryness, almost does not warp and the fiber is not twisted.

On drevoobrabatyvayuschih enterprises logsbloom on the board, which are sent to final drying and then discarded with the removal of fragments with even minor defects. Thereafter board spliced ​​to a standard length between a continuous layer stacked lamellae. To glue the finished timber, use powerful hydraulic presses. Wood fiber layer lamella boards perpendicular to the fibers, which minimizes further change in the linear dimensions of a laminated board in the operation. That is why, in contrast to the log houses, shrinkage which can last up to 8 years old, the house of laminated veneer lumber may be made "turnkey", without taking into account the shrinkage, which is only 1%, with all the necessary utilities and a fine finish. At the final stage of the profiled bar.

For the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber is used pine and cedar planks. The composition of materials must be indicated in the certificate on board.

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Advantages of houses from glued beams

Having conceived the construction of suburban or countryHouse, free-standing bath, you can choose for walls inexpensive and environmentally friendly glulam already, because you do not have to wait for another day, after they are built ,. You can immediately start to use them. This material has all the positive qualities of wood, it "breathes", has excellent heat and sound insulating properties, but is more resistant to external influences, and therefore more durable.

As in the construction of houses made of glued beamIt does not require special lifting equipment, construction costs reduced. It is quite lightweight material, so for the erected structure, whether it be a house, cottage or room, not reinforced foundation is required, which also reduces your material costs. If you select the right contractor for the construction of the house "turnkey", which has its own production, you will be able to save part of the building materials and spend far less timber.

How to choose the "right" contractor

To begin polling friends and acquaintances who havealready had experience of similar construction, see ads in the media and on the Internet, read reviews on forums. Make a list of companies that seem to you the most suitable, and each ring up.

In addition to positive reviews and recommendations, mosta big plus for the contractor will be having its own production units and staffed by professional architects. This means that the company independently produces laminated veneer lumber, is responsible for its quality and, moreover, is directly interested in it. As a general rule, confirmation of this is the quality of the certificate that you necessarily to present, if any.

Designed by the architectural firm of its standardprojects can significantly reduce the cost of designing your home, because you can use ready-made solution, and, if necessary, at low cost, to adapt it to suit your needs. And, most importantly, having a finished project, you can order exactly the amount of construction material, which is necessary, neither more nor less. You will prepare and sawn timber in a way that will only gather the house as a designer at the construction site.

You can build a wooden house in any strength of laminated veneer lumber is not limited to the traditional "a la russe", exist a lot of ready-made architectural and design solutions, even in the style of «high-tech».

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What to look for when drawing up the contract

You, as the customer, you need to clearly understand what youYou get for your money. The term "turn-key" does not mean that you will pass the house in which only installed the doors, even with locks and keys. This term implies full readiness of residential buildings to stay: the roof, doors and windows installed, all the utilities are laid.

If you want the inside was madedecoration, this should be stated at the stage of the contract, which must be accompanied by a full list of works. Properly written contract will serve as a guarantee that no additional costs upon completion you will not need.

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