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CONSTRUCTION of Finnish houses from glued beams


Construction of Finnish houses from laminated veneer lumber</a>

Individual housing construction is an excellent way for those who want to acquire their own housing and do not have the means to buy an expensive apartment in a big city.

Modern building technologies allow you to build a house in a suburb or suburban area for little money and in the shortest possible time.

Finnish houses made of laminated veneer lumber also belong to this category.

Unique building material - glued beam

Finland is the first country in whichUse this unique material, which today is considered the benchmark for sustainable, reliable, affordable and durable housing. For the production of glued beams, polar pine is used, which is harvested during the winter season, when there are almost no natural juices and moisture in the wood. Due to this, the raw materials do not require long drying, and the billets from it are not subject to deformation.

After delivery to the factory from pine logsMake boards, dry them and join them to the required length. Then, between the boards, short lamellas are laid from the same material so that the wood fibers of the boards and lamellas are perpendicular to each other and glued together using powerful hydraulic presses. After that, the beam is profiled and shipped to customers. For the construction of residential houses use a beam thickness of 20 cm, and for the construction of baths or utility rooms, you can use a beam of smaller thickness.

At enterprises that deal withConstruction of houses from laminated veneer lumber, dozens of ready projects can offer such a project, from which one can always choose one that suits your family. A house built on an individual project can cost 10-15% more.

Advantages of houses made of laminated veneer lumber

Full automation of the design processAllows already at the stage of the order to completely adjust each beam in place and in size, on the construction site they will only be assembled according to the attached scheme as a designer. This allows you to minimize the size of joints and gaps between the beams, which has the most positive effect on the heat and sound insulation properties of the external and internal walls of such a house. In addition, the construction time is significantly shortened - in fact the bars immediately fit in place and do not require an additional fit.

The walls of the house, built of glued timber with a thickness of 20 cm in terms of their heat-shielding properties are equivalent to walls with a thickness of 70 cm, laid out of bricks.

The specific weight of glued beams is small, so whenThe construction of buildings from it does not require special load-lifting construction equipment, the laying of the bar is done manually. The small weight of the erected building makes it possible to do without the erection of a powerful foundation, which is an essential part of the economy and also allows shortening the construction period.

Another advantage of such a house will be thatIt is not subject to shrinkage and you do not have to wait for a while before settling in it or starting to make a finishing wall in rooms with high humidity tiles or tiles.

Stages of building a house from laminated veneer lumber

Start by choosing a project taking into account that even a standard one can be modified and adjusted to your needs and requests, which will make the house under construction really individual.

Traditionally, such houses are built in a one-story version with a gable sloping roof and attic, but Russian companies offer two-story options with the possibility of internal redevelopment.

The next step is the preparation of a building site. You need to clear the site, align the terrain, make geological and geodetic surveys, choose the place where the building will be erected, decide how the engineering communications and other life support systems will be brought to it.

Having information about engineering geologicalProperties of soils, you can always choose the best place to house, where there is no danger of flooding with groundwater. After that, you should dig a foundation pit for the foundation.

The erection of the foundation is an important responsibleA stage on which depends largely on how reliable construction will be and how long it will last for you. And here, too, the choice of the type of foundation must be made taking into account the geotechnical characteristics of the soil and the small weight of the building. You can lay a shallow, pile, columnar, ribbon or cast-in-line foundation, or use their combinations. The correct choice of the foundation is the guarantee of the absence of many problems in the operation of the house.

Glued beam is used for erection of externalAnd internal walls. The outer box can be mounted at any time of year, which also applies to the undoubted advantages of this material. Installation is carried out in accordance with the layout scheme, so the erection of the walls does not take much time. For overlapping, it is also better to use a tree. After you erect the roof, mount the windows and doors, lay the floors, the house can already be populated, because the wooden cottages, as a rule, do not require a finishing - their owners try to leave untouchable the natural decorative beauty of walls and floors in living quarters and Tile only in bathrooms and bathrooms.

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