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CONSTRUCTION Finnish houses made of glued beam

Construction of Finnish houses made of glued beam

Individual housing construction is becoming an excellent outlet for those who want to acquire their own housing, and has no money to buy an expensive apartment in a big city.

Modern construction techniques allow build a house in the suburbs or in the country site for little money in the shortest possible time.

Finnish house of laminated veneer lumber also fall into this category.

The unique building material - glulam

Finland - the first country which started touse this unique material, which is today considered the standard of environmentally friendly, reliable, affordable and durable housing. For the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber is used polar pine that is harvested during the winter season when the natural juices and moisture in the wood is almost there. Due to this, raw materials requires long drying and blanks thereof not exposed to deformation.

After delivery to the plant of pine logsmake boards, dried and splice them to the desired length. Then the boards are placed between the short-lamella strips of the same material so that the wood fiber boards, slats are perpendicular to each other and glue them using the powerful hydraulic press. Thereafter, profiled timber and shipped to buyers. For the construction of houses using timber 20 cm in thickness, and for the construction of baths and outbuildings can be used beam thinner.

The enterprises that are engaged inConstruction of houses of laminated veneer lumber, wishing to purchase such can offer dozens of completed projects, of which you can always choose the one that will suit your family. The house was built on an individual project may cost 10-15% more expensive.

Advantages of houses from glued beams

Full automation of the design processallows already at the stage of the order fully fit every board in position and size, the construction site will only collect them on the attached chart, as a designer. This helps to minimize the size of the joints and gaps between the bars, that the most positive effect on the thermal and sound insulating properties of exterior and interior walls of the house. In addition, significantly reduced the construction time - because the boards are laid directly on the site and do not require additional adjustment.

The walls of the house, built of laminated veneer lumber thickness of 20 cm in its heat shield properties equivalent to 70 cm thick walls, built of brick.

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The share of laminated veneer lumber is small, so if youconstruction of buildings it does not require special lifting construction machines, stacking timber manually. Lightweight erected structure allows to do without the construction of a strong foundation that is essential article of economy and also reduces the construction period.

Another advantage of such a house is that theHe does not shrink, and you do not have to wait for some time before you move into it or start making final finishing of walls in rooms with high humidity tiles or tiles.

Stages of construction of the house of laminated veneer lumber

Start by selecting the project in view of the fact that even the standard can be modified and adjusted to your needs and requirements, which will make a house under construction is really an individual.

Traditionally, these houses are built in a one-story version with sloping roof gable and attic, but Russian companies are offering options two-story with interior redevelopment.

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The next step - preparing the site for construction. You need to clear the land, to level terrain, perform geological and geodetic survey, choose a location where it will be erected a structure to decide how it will be brought to the utilities and other life-support systems.

Having information about geotechnicalproperties of soil, you can always choose the optimal location for the house, where there is no danger of flooding by groundwater. After that we should dig a trench for the foundation.

Construction of the foundation - an important responsibilitystage, which largely depends on how reliable will be the construction and how long it will last you. And here, too, the choice of the type of foundation should be done taking into account the geotechnical characteristics of the soil and the low weight of the building. You can lay melkozaglublenny, pile, columnar, tape or monolithic strip foundations, or use a combination of both. The correct choice of the foundation - the key to the lack of many problems in the operation of the house.

Glued laminated timber is used for construction of exteriorand interior walls. The outer box can be installed at any time of the year, which also refers to the undoubted advantages of this material. Installation is carried out in accordance with the stacking scheme, so the construction of the wall does not take long. For better use of overlap tree. Once you erect the roof, mount the windows and doors, paved floors, the house is already possible to be settled, because the wooden cottages, as a rule, do not require finishing - their owners are trying to leave untouched natural decorative beauty of the walls and floors in homes and laid tiles only in bathrooms and bathrooms.

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