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How to connect your phone to a computer

How to connect your phone to a computer

Connecting the phone, especially not the most sophisticated models to your computer significantly extends the capabilities of mobile phones.

There are three main ways to connect: wire, using DATA-cable, and wireless? via Bluetooth or IrDA.

You will need

  • CD with software, cable (sold together with the phone), Bluetooth-Adapter



Usually, to connect the phone to a computer, it requires a CD with software (sold together with the cable). In his presence the connection is as follows:
One side of the cable connected to a computer (to USB-port), the second? to the phone (usually? mini- or microUSB-port).


Most often, the computer detects the connected phone automatically. If you did not recognize? You need to install software from the disk.


Some computer models phones are recognized as a regular flash-card. In this case, additional software is not required.


After identification of the computer phone, you can work with files.


Connecting your phone via infrared(IrDA) or Bluetooth almost equally. The difference in the actions of the communication range. phone infrared port and the computer must? see? each other, Bluetooth operates safely at a distance of several tens of meters. By virtue of the? At range? Bluetooth convenience and a lot more common IrDA. To connect the telephone with the computer via Bluetooth, it requires, first of all, Bluetooth-adapter to the computer. However, it sold the necessary software.
We assume that the Bluetooth-adapter and the necessary software is already installed on the computer.


Includes Bluetooth- phone, your computer should automatically turn on Bluetooth-adapter.


Select in computer software? To add a new Bluetooth-enabled device ?. Run the connection wizard.


If all goes well, the Bluetooth connection wizard will detect your phone.


Then there is the need to add a key device. Note the? Select the access key automatically ?. A window will appear asking you to enter the key.


At the same time connect the phone prompts you with the requirement to enter the same passkey. Enter it.


In this mobile phone to connect to a computer via Bluetooth is complete - you can work with files.

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