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How to connect your laptop to the music center

How to connect your laptop to the music center

It is not necessary to buy a powerful stereo system for listening to your favorite music from your laptop.

After all, if the laptop speakers are weak and quiet, it can be connected to the music center, which will become a kind of amplifier in the chain? Laptop? speakers ?.

You will need

  • The cable with a 3.5 mm jack, and two bells.



All you need to connect your laptop to themusic center, is the laptop itself, a stereo with AUXE function, which is almost 100% music centers, and adapter cable of appropriate length. The cable must have two bell on one side and a phone jack on the other. This cable can be purchased at any store radio / video electronics and parts, its price is in the range of 100-200 rubles.


Bells, or tulips, are usually redand white color, indicating the audio channels. Cable itself typically consists of two? Glued? wires or sheath in the form of a wire (actually inside the sheath, two thin wires to output left and right audio channels).
Jack is a metallic pencil and a standard? 3.5 mm. This jack is used in all portable headphones, and an outlet for him? all players and many cell phones.
Sam cable should be of appropriate length, to easily and without tension wires to connect the computer to the music center.


Jack inserted into the headphone output onlaptop designated painted or engraved on the side of the headphones computer case. Bells are connected to the amplifier (music center), in accordance with the colors of bells and the sound output.
After connecting the cable, turn on the AUX or VIDEO button on the Music Center, and the sound from the laptop will be output to the speakers.

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