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How to connect a home theater to a computer

How to connect a home theater to a computer</a>

Watch movies, videos and a variety of videos on your computer for many more convenient than on the TV screen.

At the same time, no one will give up the high-quality and powerful sound that computer speakers can not give, but which gives home theater equipment.

Usually the home theater connects toTV? But you can combine high-quality sound and watching movies, as well as listening to your favorite music on your computer, connecting to it a home theater speaker system (5: 1 system).



In the complete set of your home theater shouldBe a dvd player, regularly playing discs, directly five speakers and a subwoofer, as well as a quality audio card and a wire with connectors like "tulip"? From one end and a mini jack from the other.


To connect a home theater speaker system to your computer's audio card, you need an intermediate amplifier? Its role is played by a dvd player.


Using the cable described above, connect the playerTo the audio card by plugging the cable into it with a mini-jack connector, into the socket out. Two connectors? Tulip? At the other end of the cable, connect the dvd player to the in jack. Connect the player to the player with the supplied cables by plugging the cables into the appropriate connectors.


Open the sound card settings section and in theParameters of the sound equipment, specify that you have 6 speakers set to adjust the sound settings according to the new sound environment.


Connect the dvd player to the network, specify the correct audio output channel and listen to music, enjoying powerful and high-quality sound.


While listening to different music, edit the settings of the sound card to the bass, mid and high frequencies, changing the equalizer values ​​manually, if necessary.


Also, the sound settings can be adjusted in the parameters of the dvd player itself.

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