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How to connect your home theater to a computer

How to connect your home theater to a computer

Watch movies, music videos and a variety of videos on your computer for many people is much easier than on the TV screen.

At the same time nobody give up quality, powerful sound, which can give computer speakers, but that gives the home theater equipment.

Typically, a home theater is connected to theTV? but you can combine high-quality sound and films, as well as listening to your favorite music on your computer by connecting the speaker home theater system (System 5: 1).



The configuration of your home theater needsbe dvd-player, regularly playing disc directly five speakers and a subwoofer, as well as high-quality sound card and cable assembly type? tulip? at one end and a mini-jack at the other.


To connect a home theater speaker system to the audio card on your computer, you need a mediator-amp? his role dvd-player.


Using the above cable to connect the playerto the audio card, sticking to her cable connector minijack in the out socket. Two slots? Tulip? at the other end of the cable to the dvd-player in the in the nest. To the player, connect the speaker system with the supplied cables, cables sticking to the appropriate connectors.


Click the sound card settings and in the sectionparameters of audio equipment, specify that you have the 6 speakers to adjust the sound settings according to the new sound environment.


Connect the dvd-player to the network, select the right channel audio output and listen to music, enjoying a powerful and high quality sound.


In the process of listening to different music, edit the settings in the sound card level of bass, mid and high frequencies by changing the value of the equalizer manually, if necessary.


sound settings You can also adjust the parameters of the dvd-player.

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