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How to connect a computer to an amplifier

How to connect a computer to an amplifier</a>

If you want to get from your computerThe highest quality of sound, you should pay attention not to computer speakers, but to audio equipment, in particular - good speakers and amplifier (or receiver).

Unfortunately, the amplifiers are not always compatible with the outputs of the computer sound card.

However, this is just a fixable matter.



If you are dealing with quality and inexpensive,Even if it is obsolete, an amplifier of the times of the USSR, the easiest way is to buy an adapter cable that allows you to connect an amplifier to the output of a sound card. In the vast majority of cases, this will be the minijack-5DIN adapter, distributed across all radio markets and stores and cheaply priced. If you can not buy such an adapter, then you can solder it yourself, mined pre-connectors minijack and 5DIN. In doing so, you need to know the following: the second pin of the 5DIN connector is the mass (it's the highest), the 3rd and 5th are the left and right speakers, respectively.


For more modern amplifiers you will need an even more common minijack-RCA adapter (they are also "tulips").


If your amplifier (or receiver) hasDigital input, then its use will be the best option. Match the sound card and amplifier input to the cable (coaxial or fiber) and enjoy the sound.

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