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How to connect the cable TV

How to connect your computer to the amplifier

How to connect your computer to the amplifier

If you want to get away from your computersuperior audio quality, you should pay attention not to the computer speakers, and audio equipment, in particular - good speakers and amplifier (or receiver).

Unfortunately, the amplifiers are not always compatible with the computer sound card output.

However, it is just a matter remedied.



If you are dealing with high quality and inexpensive,even if it is obsolete, amplifier Soviet times, the easiest way to buy a cable adapter that allows you to connect the amplifier to the output of the sound card. In most cases this will be minijack adapter - 5DIN, common for all radio markets and shops and cheap standing. If you buy the adapter fails, it is possible to solder it yourself, producing pre-minijack connectors and 5DIN. Thus it is necessary to know the following: the second contact connector 5DIN - weight (he's the top), the 3 rd and 5 th - left and right speakers, respectively.


For a more modern amps you need even more common minijack adapter - RCA (they are the same - "tulips").


If your amplifier (or receiver) hasdigital input, its use would be the best option. Pick appropriate for your sound card and amplifier input cable (koaksil or fiber) and enjoy the sound.

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