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How to connect wifi network

How to connect wifi network

Today, wireless WiFi network is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its versatility, ease of use and good call quality.

Virtually all the major shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, train stations and airports have free WiFi access point, and people use them to go online with their own laptops.

Connect to a wireless network on a laptop is easy.



, Determine whether there is a before connecting to the networkyour laptop built-in WiFi-adapter. Most modern computers have such adapters, and they do not need to configure anything further to connect.


Your laptop will automatically find workersaccess points and offer to connect to them? free, publicly available if a point or a password requirement and payment service provider. If you have an old laptop that does not have a wireless network adapter, install an external Wifi-adapter via USB.


While in the network access area, watch forindicator of the adapter status. If it glows red, it means that you do not have access to the network. If the bottom of the screen you see a green screen? means a laptop, make connections, and you can use network.


In the case where the network is not, and you see a red light, you want to check the connection settings. Right-click the connection icon and open its properties.


In the? State of the wireless network? tab? Status? and click? Scanning ?, to manually scan and find the network connection. If the network is to be found in this way, check the signal strength and look at the access point is where the strongest signal.


Also in the section? Network Properties? You must have selected the line? Get IP-address automatically? and? Get DNS-address automatically ?.


Once the connection is done, and the laptop connects to the network, open a browser and try to go to any site. Check the speed with which the network operates.


Typically, modern laptops will automaticallydetermine the network ID to the access point, and you do not need to specifically look for the network. It is determined automatically, and you can enjoy all the amenities WiFi-network.

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