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How to connect unlimited internet on your phone

How to connect unlimited internet on your phone

Unlimited mobile internet is rapidly supplanted all other tariffs, aimed at paying per megabyte of information received.

In order to connect such a convenient rate, it does not require any complicated operations.

Selection of unlimited tariff

The largest Russian mobile operators, "MTS""Megafon" and "Beeline", offering a wide range of unlimited mobile tariffs. Their value depends primarily on the maximum connection speed and the speed limit on the threshold. So call them properly shareware no limit. A full tariff, without thresholds for speed, will cost much more expensive.
In order to select the service providerunlimited mobile Internet, it is necessary to study reviews on the internet and communicate with those who have long been mobile Internet. From region to region, the situation varies. For example, in the Volga region a leader in quality and price is the "Megaphone", while in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Moscow is considered to be the best "MTS".
Various different mobile devices operateInternet. Modern smartphones are mostly supported by the 3G network and even 4G, than can not boast of regular mobile phones. If a person plans to check your mail from your mobile and online messengers, he will approach inexpensive shareware unlimited tariff (for example, the cheapest fare can be found in "MegaFon", its price is about 135 rubles a month, and on the day the subscriber is given 100 MB mobile internet without restrictions on speed). But if he actively uses video calls, rocking, listening to music and watching videos on the network, it will have to fork out for fare, which costs at least 500-600 rubles a month, and even exceed 1000 rubles, if we are talking about the full no-limit rate, without conditionalities.

To connect unlimited Internet

First of all it is necessary to make sure that the phoneIt supports mobile Internet on the desired speed. When it comes to smartphone model last year, it will support broadband 3G / 4G standard, if not, in the worst case have to use outdated GPRS technology.
For the connection there is no need to go to the officeoperator. Just go to his official website, select the current region of connection SIM-card and go to the section of Internet services. Buyer entire line of current tariffs will be offered. To connect any of them, or need to send a free SMS-message to a specified number or enter a special USSD-Code. After entering you must press the call button. It is possible that the connection will be charged for any amount from your account, it must be written on the website. In the future, the monthly fee will be charged once a day or a month, the same day when it was connected to the service.

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