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How to connect speakers to your TV

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Sometimes it happens that the power of regular columnsTV is not enough to fully convey the quality of the sound effects of the video being watched. After all, on TV sets budget speakers, so as not to increase the price of the TV in general, if only it was enough to watch television broadcasts.

But what if you want to fully enjoy the sound effects of the new film?

It remains to find a way to connect additional speakers.

You will need

  • Additional speakers, adapters, adapters, wires, amplifier, receiver, music center.



As a rule, the TV sound processor itselfProcesses the sound quite well, spoiling the whole picture is the regular speakers of the TV. But do not change them to others? Bring the speakers from your computer. They have a 3.5 mm jack, with a headphone icon next to it, but you probably will not get better sound quality if you have an amplifier built into your computer speakers. If the speakers are additionally connected to a 220 volt network, the amplifier is 100% available, and the sound level can be adjusted on the speakers themselves.

3.5 mm wiring


The speakers can be connected via a tape recorder ormusic Center. A music center or a tape recorder can be connected to a TV, it can play sound much higher than a television or budget computer speakers. The connection is made using a wire adapter TRS-RCA or RCA-RCA. TRS? This 3.5 mm jack, and RCA? In common people bells. Locate the appropriate connectors on the TV and music center and connect them with the appropriate wire.

Wires-adapters TRS-RCA and RCA-RCA


If you have an autonomous stereo system, then youJust incredibly lucky, the amplifier of this system is specially configured to work with powerful speakers, the sound of this system will be almost the top of perfection. This system contains a self-contained high-quality amplifier that is built into the subwoofer, it spreads the sound over the speakers of the system, depending on how many of them (columns can be from 3 to 7). It connects like a music center, but can also have an additional SCART connector? Wide connector with two rows of contacts inside. If your TV has only SCART connectors, use a SCART-RCA or SCART-TRS adapter.

How to connect speakers to your TV


The top quality of sound can serveA composite stereo system, you can connect speakers of any power to it. This is a professional amplifier and receiver. It is connected by any of the listed methods, which gives ample opportunities for its application.

Connectors on audio and TV systems

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