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How to connect to your PC Karaoke

Microphone Pick up is not so much a computer as a vocal

Invented in the last century, the Japanese game called "karaoke" stuck in our country, where good-quality songs without can not do, no partying.

And if the earlier mandatory for it required a DVD-player with the corresponding function, but now it will be enough computer and a microphone.



Microphone Pick up not only the computer,how "vocal" - it will be easier to sing. Do not skimp on it too much, to avoid extraneous overtones. And to clarify how it ends its connector cable - most of the microphones are plug 5 ", whereas a standard sound card input - 3.5". Adapter, again, adds extra noise.


Install a computer program to play karaoke, for example, KaraFun.


In the settings you specify to which it isline connected your microphone, and enter the program included this input at startup and turns off when you exit. This will save you from unpleasant overtones in columns in the rest of the time, when Karaoke is not used.


Download the base of your favorite songs in the supported format software (as a rule - .kar).


Open the program through any song and adjust the volume control so that the music and the voice does not interfere with each other.


Enjoy your vocal together with the guests, and with sufficient volume, the neighbors.

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