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How to connect the toilet to the sewer

How to connect the toilet to the sewer

Improper installation of the toilet can bring a lot of trouble, so it is better to entrust this matter expert.

However, the installation process is not so complicated that it can not perform alone.



If you do not have to install a new toilet innewly built house, and replacing old toilet with a new, things are much simpler. Before you buy the toilet, look old and remember exactly how he made the water issue. Water can leave at different angles, respectively, is carried out in different ways to mount the sewer. If you do not intend to change the sewer, buy toilet with exactly the same fixture.


In the event that achieve precise pairingoutlet toilet hole with the sewage pipe does not work, you can use a special connecting corrugation. Just keep in mind that it is necessary to install a space of not less than ten to fifteen centimeters. When buying toilet consult with the shop workers - they will help you choose a suitable corrugation.


Replace toilet start to overlap the water. Next, locate the fixing elements of the toilet, usually two long screws on the sides of the base. Loosen them and remove the toilet. Sometimes the toilet is cemented into the floor, in this case, the cement will have to carefully chisel chipped. Hole sewer pipe at a time, close the plastic bag, strapped him with adhesive tape - it will save you from unpleasant odors.


Under the toilet, in the place of attachment is generallyBS board. When removing the bowl, try not to damage it. In the event that this could not be done or rotted boards, replace it with the appropriate size, placing the board on the cement, allowing him how to harden. Instead, the board special plastic tabs for screws can be used, in which case it is necessary to precisely mark their location and also to sit on the cement.


After all of this preparatory work you haveget a flat, level surface on which to set the toilet with stowing board or plastic tabs for screws. In that case, if the plane is rough, you may damage earthenware, tightening fasteners.


Set the bowl, gently tighten the screws. heads of the screws close the decorative overlays, they should be supplied to the toilet. Fixed toilet should not rock. If a movement is still there, so the plane was uneven. Again, remove the toilet seat promazhte installation with cement mortar. Install toilet, tighten the screws and allow the solution to cool.


The toilet is installed. If his exhaust pipe exactly coincided with the sewer pipe will only seal the place sealant joint. When using the corrugations of this is usually not required, its rubber cuffs tight-fitting joints.


The next phase - installation of the toilet tank. When his mount carefully follow the instructions provided in the package, if not installed tank may leak. Bolts tighten gently and evenly, otherwise the fragile pottery can crack. Water is supplied via a flexible reinforced hose with cap nuts.


Installing a tank drain mechanism carefullyadjust it - the water does not reach the upper edge of the overflow tube 0.5-1 cm Check out his work, two to three times the water drain.. Nowhere is there should be no leaks in the event of its occurrence tighten the appropriate connections. At work anywhere, do not use more force, since the plastic parts of the drain device and earthenware bowl and tank quite easily damaged.

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