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How to connect the thermostat


How to connect the thermostat</a>

The room thermostat carries out the dispatching connection with the heating boiler and serves to control the parameters of the boiler when the temperature of the air in the room changes.

The efficiency of the operation of the system is not to a small extent dependent on the correct choice of the installation site of the thermostat.



Installation of a room ThermoregulatorBut produced in a room accessible to all family members (except for small children). When installing ThermoregulatorAnd at the enterprise the premise should be supervised only by responsible persons.


The temperature of the heated air in the selected room should be lower than the air temperature of other rooms.


At the installation site ThermoregulatorAnd there should be no directional movement of air, permanent and temporary heat sources should be located far from the device.


Attach Thermoregulator To a wall or other construction structure. Typically, the mount is made on the frame provided with the device. Height at which to place Thermoregulator - about 1.5 m relative to the floor level.


Electrical wires connecting Thermoregulator With the boiler, should not be placed side by side (in parallel) with 220 V power wires. It is also necessary to exclude the influence of generating electrical installations on the device.


For connection ThermoregulatorAnd with a boiler use two-wire wiresSection not less than 1 mm and a total length of not more than 30 m. A longer wire can only be used if it is shielded. At the same time, connect the shield of the wire to the mass of the boiler.


When connecting the wires to the control unit,Located on the front side of the device, observe the polarity. As a rule, on the wires coming from the control unit, the following marking is used: red wire - "plus", white wire - "minus".

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