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How to connect the tablet to a TV

How to connect your tablet to a TV

Often owners have tablet PCs there is a need to connect the device to a TV to view photos on a large screen, video, play games.

However, not all users know how to connect the tablet to the TV.



How to connect your tablet to your TV via HDMI

HDMI - the best option for any connectionthe mobile device to the TV. This cable is passed, not only high-quality video, and sound. Most modern plasma TVs equipped with this connector, but not all of the plates have a way out. If you plan to use the TV as a monitor, you should initially choose the Chinese model with the release of mini-HDMI and micro-HDMI. To connect you will need a special cable that connects the HDMI connection. The kit does not include it, so you need to buy it separately. But the connection is carried out without any additional configuration. The only thing you need to do - to select the TV special channel - HDMI.


tablet Connecting to a TV via a MicroUSB

To make a connection through a MicroUSB,it is necessary that this port supports MHL. This standard was developed specifically for mobile devices and allows you to transfer from the tablet to the TV sound and high-definition video through the USB connection, as well as to charge the mobile device. To connect you need to purchase an adapter from USB to HDMI cable and, just as in the previous case. However, while the market tablets with USB MHL port are rare.


How to connect a TV to the tablet via RCA cable

Not long ago, the wire type tulip used to transmit audio and video signals with almost all devices. Very rarely, but still these connectors can be found in Chinese models of tablets.


How to connect a TV to the tablet via Wi-Fi

How to connect the tablet to the TV if itnone of these connectors? Here can help Wi-Fi. Of course, if your TV supports this connection. To connect the tablet to install on DLNA-server and connect devices over the wireless network. However, in this connection it would be impossible to use all the functions of the tablet.

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