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How to connect the satellite receiver

If you really want to watch digital channels, but you can not, connect the satellite TV

If your city, neighborhood or house is not carried outcable digital TV, and you really want, then you should purchase a set of satellite equipment. Then you too can enjoy your favorite channels in digital quality.

However, even the high quality of the original signal is lost on the way to the TV.

But this can be avoided if you choose the right interface to connect the receiver, which will allow to reduce the loss of the image to a minimum.



Satellite receiver easier to connect to your TVusing a composite connector. It is usually implemented on a single RCA. However, noticeable drawback is the very low sharpness and contrast of excessive shade. Of course, a 15-inch TV, you can ignore this, but for the screen with a diagonal of 26 inches, it is unacceptable.


Second place in the signal transmission qualityIt takes S-Video port. In this case, the luminance and chrominance signals are transmitted is not one, and the number of separate wires. This makes the image on the TV screen more stable, however, a little bit poor in relation to color.


Component interface is used to transferon TV video is already using three wires, even better. This interface can already be successfully used for Plasma and LCD TVs up to 36 inches. From the viewpoint of stability and color image is even more attractive. For this type of connection is usually used RCA, which are known as tulips.


If you use SCART, then you have the opportunity toconnect the receiver to your TV in three ways: both composite and S-Video and RGB standard. Incidentally, the latter is the quality of all analog. All components of the video image is transmitted at a high level.


With the advent of television in our lives with a highclarity, higher and higher requirements have to be offered interfaces. HDMI interface and it has been designed for transmission of high resolution video.

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